Any recommendation on GF beer?


Any recommendation on GF beer , wine , or liquor ! I’m not a big drinker but tonight i wanted something to drink and i didn’t know what to get lol thank you !

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  1. Redbridge for beer, titos for vodka, any wine is fine

  2. Tito’s!!

  3. Angry Orchard cider is delish, as well!

  4. My go to is Tito’s and flavored seltzer. Or angry orchard.

  5. Redbridge Beer is good!!

  6. I enjoy Woodchuck hard cider

  7. I like Redbridge, Green, Stella Artois Cidre, Tito’s, Bailey’s Almande and red wines.

  8. Tito’s vodka and ciders! Blake’s cider is my current favorite

  9. My husband likes the Strongbow cider.

  10. Thank you everyone!!!! Will look for these next time

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