Any recommendations of natural ways of helping her out?


A mum, gave birth on fridag, lost 2 litres of blood and she can’t make the process of making breastmilk start. She is tired after the birth.
Any recommendations of natural ways of helping her out?

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  1. Also ask on the MAG Sister Group, Mag~nificent Mommies

  2. Rest, skin to skin, water and latch baby as often as possible.

  3. It often takes 48-96 hours and occassionally longer

  4. Make sure she is hydrated, and a the other suggestions listed above.

  5. Lactation cookies.

  6. It does take longer for milk to come in after significant blood loss. This situation would really be helped if she could meet with a lactation Consultant. Often we have mom offer breast every two hours and follow each feed with pumping. This is a short term intervention hoping to help her milk come in.

  7. Milk comes in at 3 days postpartum.

  8. Rest, love, care and attention to her emotional wellbeing. Take good care of mums every need and her body will do it's bidding.

  9. Tell mum, above all, RELAX. Baby is getting all s/he needs from mum's colostrum. Milk will come in most likely between days 3-5. Fenugreek may help and plenty of water and rest definitely will help. Please congratulate mum!

  10. Bone broth is also helpful in replenishing lots of minerals and giving the body some building blocks not to forget good protein (the bodies builder and repairer), grass feed gelatin is helpful too.

  11. If there's any medical need to supplement the baby, make sure you don't use bottles before breastfeeding is established. A lactation consultant can help you learn how to use a cup, spoon, or supplemental nursing system with a newborn.

  12. Poor mama! My milk took 4 days. I agree with Lisa…. She needs to relax baby's getting colostrum and that's the really good stuff. Keep baby at breast as much as possible. And stay hydrated. ️

  13. Guinness!!
    My midwife had me drink just a few ounces a day and my milk came rushing in. It's fantastic!!!

  14. Coconut oil will help for energy as well as the Guinness, and will help with medium chain fatty acids, which are high in breast milk.

  15. Thank you all for good advices!
    Unfortunately the doctors have decided to put her on iron-supplements. Any good advice on this matter is very welcome

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