Any recommendations on handheld massagers?


I have a random question for you all. Does anyone have any recommendations on handheld massagers? If I get glutened my upper/lower back into my hip and my buttocks kills. I’ve tried the chiropractor but my body is soooo tense from the inflammation in my body from contamination that I need some release! I’ve tried taking a tennis ball the wall try to and workout those spots but it’s not working. My husband sucks as massages, he doesn’t understand he needs to apply some pressure when me massages the areas. I am just so tired of constantly being in pain! Thank you to those who have read it through my long post!

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  1. I don’t get pain anymore because I don’t eat gluten ever and am pretty careful (with experience) staying away from gluten.

  2. I have a lot of back issues. With the tennis ball, make sure you are standing away from the wall and lean into the ball with your weight. It can really help. And its expensive, but this is the best massager! I can’t afford weekly massages so this helps tide me over. Brookstone – MAX 2 Dual-Node Percussion Massager – Silver

  3. Do you have a marshals or home goods near you they have really good massage things and inexpensive

  4. Also look into an anti inflammatory diet.

  5. Maybe a tens unit, Amazon has some for >$30

  6. I started going to Acupuncture …works Awesome

  7. 500 mg magnesium daily

  8. I’m so sorry you’re in pain, but I’m so glad to see your post. This is EXACTLY my problem/issue after gluten.

  9. I just ordered this at the recommendation of someone else. It’s supposed to come today so I can’t wait to try it. I also ordered a full body acupressure mat with neck pillow. I have lupus and fibromyalgia so I have body pain regardless but omg it’s so much worse if I accidentally consume gluten (which has happened a few times no matter how careful I try and be)

  10. I take a hot backing soda,and Epson salt bath it helps relax muscles and softens the skin and helps to releave allergic reaction to foods and it help you to sleep

  11. Have you tried a foam roller? You’d be surprised how much they help. You can get one on Amazon for about $20.

  12. It was suggested in my experience by my massage therapist that I use a massaging cushion so that you can complement his
    focus on the herniated disk that I had. Here are a handful of
    general guidelines to check out when researching the perfect
    Massage Chair to match your needs:Basic Comfort and Looks – Take some time to truly sit
    inside Chair and acquire a perception of your own personal comfort and ease in this model.
    ” Despite the name, however, the palms and thumbs may be used in Shiatsu massage as well as the fingers.

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