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Are minor rashes/skin eruptions and itching a sign/symptom of detoxing unbound iron via sweating? I have noticed this after staying in the sauna until I reach a good sweat twice daily for the past couple of days. Any recommendations to alleviate the symptoms. I’m inclined to apply some topical hydrocortisone but probably not recommended here.

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  1. Why twice a day?

    • Just a habit. I have always gotten in the sauna at the gym for a few minutes before and after my workout. Mainly to warm up and relax. Have rarely stayed in long enough to sweat until the past couple of days. I did so thinking sweating is likely the way toxins are released with that method. Is there a specific recommendation? I’m basically flying by the seat of my pants except for the knowledge gleaned from you and others on this site. Thank you!

    • Sweating does release toxins as you are learning. Make sure you are well hydrated and your other detox pathways working well, too. Pee and poop.

    • I am definitely urinating and frequently (which is my norm, unfortunately) and had 3 BMs yesterday morning. Back to normal with only 1 BM this morning. Drinking lots of fluids, drinking coconut water, ate sweet potatoes, bananas and Swiss chard yesterday.

  2. I put frankincense on any rashes and it always has helped me. If you have some it might be worth a try.

  3. Just be careful…. I didn't know at the time, but Perioral Dermatitis came about. Say, what? Yeah, it come up out of the blue for the first ever, (age 55), when I normally have a nice complexion. I tried a lot of things, including frankincense EO, which I later found made it worse! (Thankfully, I never tried hydrocortisone cream because that makes it worse, too!) The cause and cure is supposedly idiopathic, but Morley says it's related to my high iron. I believe it. Iron has been higher than I ever knew.

    I hope this isn't PD. If you suspect it is, feel free to reach out and I'll share the FB group that's been most helpful.

    Best wishes!!

  4. I'm a bit itchy also. Weird.

  5. Where are your rashes?

  6. My skin on my legs is the driest it has ever been. It is scaly. I live in Utah so i am used to dry skin especially in winter but my legs yesterday were down right lizard like. I had to apply lotion 2 times and it felt awful to the touch. Would the epsom salt bath cause this?

  7. I wash my skin with baking soda, borax, and a small amount of castile soap mixed in 2 cups of water. Followed by a apple cider vinegar rinse. You have to play with the amounts and ratios to water to fit your skin type, but it works well for me to keep my skin clean. I also use a natural oil like olive oil as a moisturizer.

  8. If you use steroids on your skin you will end up with red skin syndrome (google it, but I speak from experience). Steroids will make it look better, but are not helpful and healing at all. U may have a slight histamine problem if u are noticing the rash after exercise. The protocol will help the histamine issue. Stick with it but high histamine parts are the liver, prunes, oranges, pollen. Pawpaw, Nivea, mag oil, coconut oil are good rash healers. Mag oil works like magic on my rashes.

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