Any remedies for babys with horrid reflux?


Any remidys for babys with horrid reflux, so far he has been allergic to all the meds we have tried, allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, and corn
He chokes and gags from the reflux, he is almost 11weeks old

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  1. Has he been diagnosed with Paloric stenosis or strictly refux?

  2. Been here, done this. Just don't give in to the doctor's that insist on Prilosec (etc) "the purple pill" for heartburn. Research how damaging to health continuous low stomach acid is. My daughter has had kidney stone after kidney stone due to taking so much Prilosec as a baby. Robs your Mg, plus way more. Calcium needs Mg to go to bone, not blood or kidneys. Also, FYI the Nisson Fundoplication surgery they push has long term health consequences. We stopped all RXs and said no to surgery. She is now a teen, no reflux, but kidney stones issues from the drugs. Ugh.

  3. Oh wow, poor baby poor you! I think Donna Gates website might have something on this if uou search for it there. I've heard about taking the juice from fermented veggies or Kim cheese and putting a few spoonfuls in their mouth. She needs help digesting with probiotics and natural enzymes. Check out too for ideas. A pediatric chiropractor should have lots of solutions too. Good luck!

  4. How's his B12? Has he been tested for Oesenophilic Esophagitis?

  5. Digestive enzymes did the trick for my baby!! No more acid reflux and no Pepcid!

  6. Pharmax has a line of probiotics for little ones.

  7. I agree to check for lip/tongue tie. Also Google Chris Kesser and reflux. He answers this in one of his podcasts. Says to use things like probiotics.

  8. Chiro and breastmilk. I'm not sure even with a script if you could find breastmilk free of all of his allergies, but I'd search around. I believe insurance can cover breastmilk if prescription formula fails. Probiotics. Maybe even goats milk. I'm not knowledgeable about it, but I have heard of people giving goats milk. Worth a research anyway.

  9. I agree with chiropractor and probiotics for sure for long term. A small amount of weak chamomile tea can help in the short term.

  10. Maybe Gripe water or a homemade one.

  11. Strong fennel tea works well to help reduce gas and bloating if mom drinks and then breast feeds, if this is an issue too might want to look into it for direct feeding for babies as an option.

    If your house is moldy this could be a source cause of problems, something else to consider.


    Treats the cause.

    Immediate relief.

  13. I put a hazlewood neckless around his ankle, after about 3hrs he has not has a bad flare, hopefully it will help for now, i have 2more comming in mail (was on my daughter, figured if try it on him to see

  14. Is he breast feeding? I remember a friend of mine could not eat onions while breast feeding.

  15. Do you bottle feed? You could try a small amount of bentonite clay

  16. A Chiropractor could help

  17. I haven't read,all but,are you breast feeding? It could help.

  18. Call the number at You can ask them questions.

  19. Breastfeeding solely, with mom avoiding all gluten and dairy.

  20. Milk of Magnesia was what all mothers had on hand for colic and reflux years ago

  21. Breastfeed if you can. Vaccines also cause all sorts of allergies.

  22. Have your baby seen by a Chiari Malformations Neurosurgeon

  23. What kind of formula does he drink…ask your dr about nutramigen that's what my daughter and my grandson drank they couldn't drink anything else

  24. Allergic to dairy couldnt keep soy down

  25. Was he a full term gestation? Keep searching. Babies don't need cereal yet. Organic formulas are out there. How is his weight gain? Medication is the best thing I've seen that actually works. Keep babe upright at least 30 min after feedings. Paced feeding is good too.

  26. See the Weston a Price Foundation for a homemade real food formula substitute the might address this poor little baby's problem. Also, the GAPS Protocol may have good suggestions

  27. I went through the same thing with my youngest…. It's rough Babies that have reflux that young usually grow out of it. The valve at the top of their stomach isn't fully developed yet. One thing that I did that REALLY helped when my son was that little was to put him to sleep in his car seat. I rolled a couple of towels into "logs

  28. I do not know if it is a problem for babies, but for adults something called "Hiatal Hernia" is often a cause of reflux— and it can be fixed relatively easy! It means, that the top of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm, because it is not sealed well enough, causing the acid be able to come back up. For that one of the best fixes is a massage, when you literally just pull the stomach back down gently.. Hope he feels better!

  29. Hi Hannah I am so sorry you are going through this. I have a bit of breastfeeding education and I would encourage you to see a lactation consultant. Even if your not breastfeeding they can give you professional advice on your situation. They deal with these types of issues on a regular bases. My nephew was given goats milk formula and they actually sell it already mixed up so it has all the nutrients your baby needs and my sister would add probiotics to it to help calm his fussiness. I know this is a bit different then your situation but I really did see a big change in my nephew when he was given the probiotics. I hope things start to turn around soon for your baby.

  30. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). Please read "Sodium Bicarbonate" by Dr Mark Sircus. He explains everything in there.

  31. u need to study up on iodine….low iodine is the base reason for acid reflux acid. iodine is depleted by soy 100 percent of cancer patients are low on iodine as well as those with fibroids fibromyalgia fibrocystic kidneys ovaries and breasts … a quick fix is to use apple cider vinegar in apple juice…. even in very small amounts…. acid reflux is caused by low stomach acid not high. go to iodine workshop on facebook to read up and fix the problem

  32. "If you've been diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) but aren't getting adequate relief from your medications, call your doctor. You may need additional treatment for bile reflux."

  33. Hannah E Breisch I also belong to the Apraxia group, kids who go on to be diagnosed with apraxia often have these problems. GERD drugs can deplete mg and actually make symptoms worse. Which GERD drug was it? The FDA actually put out an official statement on GERD drugs, that they deplete mg. Also the vomitting can be from supplemental vit D toxicity, low mg, low b1. Also wondering, did you take SSRIs within a year before conceiving, do you drink water processed through a water softener, drink demineralized / distilled water, over time these deplete mg, so a baby can be born with low mineral issues. You can pm me if you want.

  34. Ssri? Im not sure what that is, and i either drink tap or bottled water

  35. Find a gentle method chiropractor he or she can use a one finger move we had our grandson done and his issues cleared right up.

  36. I agree with an Osteopath ASAP and chiro if you can do both. I also agree that a milk bank is your best option if you aren't nursing. Breast milk is highly beneficial for developing a healthy gut and if your child already has immune issues it is even more important. Infant probiotics may also help

  37. Get your home tested for toxic mold asap

  38. This is so sad. So many babies are being put on Proton Pump Inhibitor medications these days. By any chance did the baby get vaccines? Also have baby tested for leaky gut and Magnesium Red Blood Cell level

  39. Google FPIES and see if that might be what is going on.

  40. Have ties been ruled out? Revision stopped reflux here

  41. My son was regrettably on a ppi and it did make matters worse. Working with Morley has helped as well as a bastyr univ trained naturopathic Doctor.

  42. Feeding a baby too often will often, along with a weak or immature upper gastric sphincter, cause reflux.

  43. The current theory in non allopathic land is low stomach acid causes GERD

  44. Chris Kresser has a great free ebook on GERD u can have access to if u just sign up for his notifications, HIGHLY recommend reading it.

  45. Alimentum RTF is the only formula without corn.

    Has baby been evaluated for tongue and lip ties by a specialist?

  46. Need to heal the gut and organs of elimination. Dysbiosis in the gut.

  47. Thorne research GI encaps & biogest

  48. YES^^^ Thorne research GI encaps are a god sent and 100% natural they will help heal the gut but you may also need something further. Our ND used l glutamine as well and we stopped proinflammatory foods (corn,gluten and dairy) for 3 months.

  49. Probiotics

  50. This can be from a hernia at birth, either hiatal or umbilical. This is what my baby had but I didn't know until later. It can cause GERD with mild reflux to projectile vomiting. Leaking acid can cause esophagitis /extreme irritation and pain in throat and crying. My child had it with both my milk and soy or dairy formulas. I thought it was allergies or lactose intolerance but all along it was one or both hernias, not diagnosed until elementary school as the cause of the reflux. I'd suggest seeing a pediatric ENT doc to rule out a hernia or anatomical reason before giving an infant probiotics or special diet.

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