Any success with veganising the mag protocol?


[Veganising the protocol]

Have any fellow vegans had any success with veganising the mag protocol?

Obviously cod liver oil, bee pollen, butter and liver are not cool for us. What are you trying instead and do you know if you’re having success with it?

Just for info, I have no issues that I’m trying to resolve, I’m in great health, I’m just looking at how to magify to optimise my health whilst treading lightly on this earth. I’ve been veggie from birth and vegan for 20 years.

Thank you! ☺

Admin: I hope this post is OK, I do understand why Morley recommends whole food sources of D, B vitamins, iron etc, I’m just seeing if there’s ways to make doing that more accessible to veggies and vegans.

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  1. Check your food sources for D, mushrooms is one, get as much sun as possible, I can't take the oil so I will be doing alternative to CLO at this point in time but I eat eggs..and google what foods are high in B's and iron, there are lots, make up a recipe can always tweak something to suit individual needs.

  2. I have been a vegan for my health for many years. I realized from this group that isolated D is a big problem so I now take cod liver oil capsules on days I know I won't be out in the sunshine for at least 15 minutes. I get extra B vitamins from rice bran and nutritional yeast but take isolated B12 with extra potassium to, hopefully, compensate.

  3. I'm vegetarian so some of what I have might not be suitable for vegans but:

    Omega-3 from DHA and EPA rich algae
    Taurine 500mg (suitable for vegans)
    Nutritional Yeast for the Bs

    The vitamin A might be the tricky one for vegans (and us veggies) since the retinol is the good stuff.

  4. I sort of tried. I was vegetarian for 20 years. I only started feeling better when i started eating animals, eating liver was the biggest turning point for me. When I started learning all this stuff I tried for a few months (3 or 4) to keep being vegetarian but in the end I decided it wasn't a good idea.

  5. Homemade fermented vegetables contain the B's and Omega.

    A good dose of iron can be got from black strap molasses.

  6. Nutritional yeast is a good source of B vitamins. You can get D from sunshine (and some kinds of special lamps), and from mushrooms that have been exposed to sunshine. I think you'll need a B12 supplement if you're not using any animal products at all.

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