Any suggestions besides Monat are welcome as well.


So I am very unecided about what to do with my hair products. My hair is thinning because of folic acid deficiency and iron deficiency. Any system for thinning hair ive looked into that is for thinning hair or hair growth contains wheat so far. Except for Monat. Monat is something I’ve considered trying but can’t afford on a regular basis. Then when I talked to my hairdresser she didn’t have very good things to say about Monat. What do you guys think have you used it? How do you like it? How long did it take for you to see results? Any suggestions besides Monat are welcome as well. I use Hask right now but my hair feels dry.

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  1. I used Monat and LOVED it… Initially. After 4 months I noticed that my hair started feeling thinner. Especially at my lower portion of my scalp. I literally couldn’t find any negative comments prior to trying and did my research throughly (from July to October before starting). Then recently found out a ton of negative information and got worried. Along with the recent concern with possible thinning I decided to stop using the products. I also have a lot of breakage, not new growth ? I don’t know of any other products to really help with thinning but maybe a stylist could point you in a more cost effective direction. Monat products do last a while but are still pretty pricey. I also had to cut 6 inches off my hair last month because my ends were so dry and broken. Definitely do your research and be fully informed on what to watch for prior to committing.

  2. I looked it up recently and it is not gluten free. For what it’s worth. I know it’s not a product you ingest but still, Celiac peeps can still have problems with it

  3. are you taking folic acid and iron? my dr put me on zinc and iron for thinning hair. and it is growing back in.

  4. Andalou naturals has a thickening line that is GF

  5. Don’t take synthetic folic acid unless you have had a saliva genetic test for MTHFR

  6. My shampoo and conditioner stopped hair loss… it’s expensive but last like 3 months. I like Monat

  7. Only thing that has helped me was Mega Foods Blood builder supplement. No heat on my hair, Co-washing (Conditioner only) for 3 days, then scalp wash on 4 day and hen repeat. Folic acid is synthetic. you need methyl folate most likely but go slow with it if you do not know if you are MTHFR gene. A product is not gonna help, it will make it look temporarily better but your issue is malabsorption. Zinc deficiency is also linked to Hair loss and thinning. It’s the first thing my doc put me on because he says all celiacs should take it as its uptaked in the first part of the intestines which is normally the most damaged. Me regimine- Mega Foods blood builder plus 2 zinc tabs with food daily. Hair Skin and nails vitamins that have horsetail extract. Vitamin E Supplements. Sulfate free shampoos only on scalp, Gluten free- silicone free Conditioner as a wash on days I do not use shampoo. Regular hair oil masks- A mix of Castor/Coconut with rosemary, CAstor promtes hair growth and rosemary stimulate hair follicles.

  8. belong to a Longhaircare forum and I got awesome advice from the ladies there. they really know about hair.

  9. I have found Malibu Scalp wellness to work the best as my skin is super sensitive. The shampoo I used to use had changed their formula and added wheat into it so I had to change. I got rid of my dry scalp and my hair looks and feels so much better with this!

  10. Bought monat stupid expensive bought jojoba ( not sure on spelling) oil works better 1/6 price!!

  11. Did you check your iodine levels and have thyroid panel too?

  12. We use doTerra products !
    I love the shampoo and conditioner.
    If you have a wheat or barely allergy you won’t be able to use the conditioner. But the company only uses the oil portion of the wheat germ. It doesn’t contain any protein or bulk. After it’s pressed, it is purified and tested, both as a separate ingredient and in their product, to verify that it is gluten free.
    Wheat flour lipids are used as conditioning agents. So it’s tough to find a company that will separate the oil from the wheat germ and ensure its testing gluten free. !
    I love doTerra for that reason.
    Plus they also contain a lot of other amazing essential oils including rosemary which is amazing for the hair and hair thinning.
    If you want more info on it, I can dig it up for you

  13. Mermaid Hair spray with Rosemary, Lavender, and Cedarwood has made a huge difference for me! I would also have your thyroid checked.

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