Any suggestions for hypertension?


Any suggestions for hypertension? My 23 year old husband was just put on meds and I’m looking for natural alternatives!

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  1. celery and beet juice fresh not purchased at health food store….. hawthorn berry exercise and meditation 🙂

  2. Magnesium 🙂 Start with the beginners guide (pinned post) at the top of the group page and implement the protocol.

  3. Magnesium! Invite him to this group and do as Tonya suggests, that is where to start.

  4. Magnesium and getting the recommended 4700mg daily intake of potassium each day.

  5. Mag, pot, hawthorne and berberine

    And clean up the diet as necessary

  6. Check out Humaworm fb group. Parasites cause high blood pressure esp in someone so young. A bottle of Pumpkinol by North American Spice co will get rid of tapeworms. They are the ones that usually cause high blood pressure

  7. 23?! Read the book Wheat Belly

  8. 99% of medical offices do NOT take correct BP readings. (Relaxed for a lengthy time, feet flat, arm at heart level, taken in various positions, etc.) My heart doctor is the ONLY doctor's office I have ever been to that took Blood Pressure correctly, and he said most people that are put on BP medication due to raised BP readings at office visits do NOT even have true high BP. Always correctly monitor your BP at HOME at various times for two weeks to get a true look at BP. Most people have a higher BP at a doctor's office due to "White Coat" raised BP. Stress over rushing to get to your appt, stress about leaving work, why you are there, etc.

  9. Thank you!!

  10. My doc used a 'nurse on a stick' to take my bp (put the sleeve on my arm, press a button; mobile device to take from room to room) and I ALWAYS had high bp. My endo's office used the 'old fashioned way' and I never had it. I quiet the meds. My doc got a new nurse who refueses to use the nurse on a stick and I have low bp. Imageine that!

  11. What is a nurse on a.stick?

  12. he's young .. look into what might be causing his hypertension .. stressful job .. diet ?

  13. Another "farmacy" solution is celery. Make sure it's organic.

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