Any suggestions on targeting stomach weight gain?


I have learned so much already. #1 struggle was sleep. I used to rely on gravel, sleepytime tea, natural calm ( which only works as a laxative now ) to fall asleep. I would wake between 1-4 and go back to sleep to only wake up feeling groggy. After a week of taking the adrenal cocktail. I’m sleeping through the night. I’m only taking Magnesium glycinate with taurine and melatonin. I wake up refreshed too. During the day I would come home from work to take a nap because I was exhausted. Not anymore. I’m taking camu camu, mag. Malate and a b -100 complex vit. I don’t need a nap. I feel like everything is balancing out. My question is Ive noticed that Im gaining weight in my stomach. You balance out one thing and then have to attack something else. TIA and sorry for the long message. Any suggestions on targeting stomach weight gain?

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  1. Tummy gain is usually from carbohydrates…. sugar, pasta, potatoes and the like.

  2. Could it be from the Extra orange juice from taking the adrenal cocktail?

  3. If so could I take it with just plain water and take the camu camu with it?

  4. MJ Hamp, I've had the same issue…NO wheat, grains, pasta, sugar, dairy or soy…nothing else to give up….Think stress could be a factor?

  5. Are you gaining weight or is your belly swollen.?

  6. No. I'm pretty sure it's weight gain. It might be a bit of bloating and gas.

  7. The only thing that has changed is the 2 glasses of orange juice for a week and a bit. I'm not doing any strenuous excerises because I want to heal my adrenals.

  8. I guess my question is do I keep up with cocktail or stop it because I feel better?

  9. Stop it for a few days and note any changes.

  10. I would think it's the juice – its full of sugar.

  11. Stressed adrenals can cause weight gain around your middle. Keep taking the adrenal cocktail.️

  12. It's alright to keep taking it?

  13. If you are sleeping better when taking the adrenal cocktail, you are seeing a benefit. Perhaps sleeping better has slowed down your heart rate and thus your need for extra calories?

  14. I'm being highly sensitive to just small amounts of sea salt. B/p 166/102 up from 110/70. Will the Himalayan salt work better? What about the low sodium Himalayan salt?

  15. Tania, I don't mean to hijack your post but it sounds like your doing really well! What was your diagnosis? When and what kind of magnesium glycinate do you take with taurine? Thanks!

  16. I have had a big tummy for most of my life and with menopause it grew bigger Since taking probiotic my tummy is the trimmest its ever been……i also can suck it in whilst walking

  17. Have you thought of doing some gentle rebounding for exercise?

  18. Gut dysbiosis? Bloating, gas and weight gain might mean SIBO, so the sugar in the orange juice might be feeding unfriendly gut microbes.

  19. How do you test for SIBO?

  20. There's a breath test. Your health practitioner should be able to sort it out. I think that the one which tests for methane and hydrogen might have a better pick up rate, and the one that lasts longer might also pick up more SIBO than the shorter test. Might be worth considering looking at what sort of microbes are in your gut too, as imbalances between friendly and unfriendly bugs can be inflammatory. But that probably also involves a comprehensive stool analysis. If you tend to have problems after eating high FODMAP, high fibre foods and starches you might have a dodgy gut microbiome. So symptoms like bloating, cramps, indigestion, reflux, nausea, gas, constipation or diarrhoea, or even mood changes, skin changes like acne, rosacea, dry skin, sore joints, brain fog, headaches would give you a clue that something might be up. Some people get away with taking some probiotics and a careful unprocessed diet. Some people need a really focused diet like low FODMAP paleo or GAPS plus antimicrobials plus prokinetics, so worth seeing a doctor or functional medicine practitioner if you're not getting on top of it.

  21. Ive been to my western family physician about my symptoms. I have asked to get my thyroid checked but they don't do a full panel. The only numbed I got was 1.7 TSH. It's very frustrating. I have to learn and research myself. I need to find a good naturopathic Dr. In my area. I do have a rebounder and heard that's it great for the lymphatic system.

  22. Catriona Walsh all those systems sound s all too familiar

  23. Thank you so much. Thank you everyone who responded.

  24. Carla, I take New Roots.

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