Any tips for going to a sushi restaurant?


Any tips for going to a sushi restaurant? I’m really craving it. I usually get a seattle roll with crab, salmon, cream cheese, and avocado. I will bring my own soy sauce of course

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  1. Don’t get the crab

  2. Everything else will be fine
    You’ve got to avoid the crab because they use imitation crab and it’s not gf

  3. I make sure they know how to make this GF. Many of the sauces they drizzle over the top are not GF. My place knows me and doesn’t use those sauces on mine. They also have GF soy sauce for their GF patrons. Bon appetit!

  4. If they don’t offer celiac safe gluten free on their menu, it’s not worth the risk. That is if you have celiac disease. Cross contamination nightmare. They could and often do use the same knife to cut gluten sushi. What if the sushi rice is made with gluten, etc.

  5. Anything that is tempura is not GF. Also, the orange mayo is not GF. Crab is not GF either. I always get a salmon roll, which has salmon, avocado & cream Cheese. Good luck ❤️

  6. Looks like I’m going to make my own along with all my other food‚ thanks

  7. I’m terrified to try sushi. There are just way too many opportunities for cross contamination. There would also probably be a language barrier. It’s just not worth the risk, no matter how much I miss it.

  8. Most imitation crab has wheat gluten in it. \n\nSushi rice vinegar is, most of the time, made from wheat.

  9. Wegman’s has a gluten free sushi bar.

  10. Ciara Armstrong, be sure to ask. A lot of the sauces will have soy sauce in them (not gluten free). Some sushi restaurants will have gluten free soy sauce, but you have to ask OR take your own. I’ve done that before. Nigiri and Sashimi are always gluten free. I have read that wasabi can contain gluten, but I’ve never had any issues with wasabi.

  11. ASk for no sesame mix on the outside. It often can contain gluten. I have had good luck at a sushi place here. They can make almost anything non fried GF for me. they use Tamari sauce and even have GF soy sauce on some of the tables. Stay away from imitation crab meat- it contains wheat. Sauces can be problematic. Also ask if their wasabi is pre-packaged or do they make it themselves. If you can talk to the sushi chef making your food.

  12. Make sure to ask because a lot of places add vinegar and or soy sauce to their fish, etc.

  13. Sushi rice is GF, but it is cheaper for the restaurants to use regular rice and add gluten to make it sticky. Would for sure ask them if they are Celiac friendly!

  14. Call around to a few places…i have one nearby that is has a gf menu and is very knowledgeable. They will use real crab instead of imitation and they have gf soy sauce available

  15. Someone on here suggested people with CD order sashimi and white rice. To avoid barley malt flavoring in the rice.

  16. No imitation crab! it is wheat by product…be careful!

  17. Sushi can be done safely. No eel, no tempura, and most often no imitation crab. There is gluten free imitation crab, but I skip it in most places. Some places have safe spicy sauce, some don’t. I’ve only had one place tell me the sushi rice had seasoned rice vinegar and it wasn’t gluten free. They made me sushi with brown rice. I am very sad for people who can’t or won’t ask questions. Yes, it’s risky. However many of us do eat out successfully. Life is too short to not find ways to make it work. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. I refuse to never eat out or travel with my husband and kids. I can count 3 times I reacted. Our policy is if I Am not comfortable somewhere we don’t stay. If I have any kind of reaction, we don’t go back. I also say, “when in doubt, forget it.”

  18. Oh, and our son has a shellfish allergy and carries an epi pen. I don’t want him to live in fear. I want him to live a complete life filled with travel, too. We are teaching him to advocate for himself in much the same way as celiacs do. Can we ever be completely sure? Probably not. Honestly, we really can’t, either, when shopping unless it’s certified gluten free.

  19. Make your own….

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