Any tips on how i can get my gum health back?



I have noticed that my gums are sore and slightly swollen and it hurts in places when I eat or brush. I have 0 cavities however my dentist said I have some gum recession (I’m only 37!!). They recommended a commercial mouth wash and more flossing but after reading posts on here I feel like there is more i can do and a reason this is happening.

I have read that MOM can help so I’ve been rinsing my mouth out with it for 5mins at a time and I take close to 800mg of Mg glycerinate/malate daily. I am eating liver and all other things healthy.

Any tips on how i can get my gum health back??? I don’t want to end up losing my teeth and oral health 🙁

I am awaiting results for my blood work (Mg RBC, Cerruloplasm, Cu etc).


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  1. Oil pulling with coconut oil, spit it out in the trash—and then brush teeth with a paste made of baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of plaque—not together though—at least, I can't do it together—but do use the Vinegar to get rid of the plaque.

  2. You can also brush with non fluoride toothpaste and Mag oil.

  3. I make my own toothpaste. Organic coconut oil, Thieves essential oil, stevia, baking soda and spearmint essential oil. It tastes great, my gums are SO MUCH BETTER since I started brushing with this toothpaste. Also, I oil pull with it after I brush my teeth with it for as long as my cheeks can hold it! I, too, spit into a Kleenex and not into the drain. It has worked WONDERS for me!

  4. i put patchouli oil in mag chloride water to use as mouth rinse. the patchouli stimulates new skin cells and if I use this 3 or 4 times a day my gums can actually over grow.

  5. That's the pinhole technique Anne

  6. Other drs do it. They've been trained by him. Look in your local areas for a periodontist that has been trained in this technique.

  7. Christi—how many drops of Thieves do you use?

  8. Jen, what is patchouli oil? Where do I find it?

  9. Please reconsider using essential oils in your mouth, no matter what the sales agent may tell you. There are safer ways of dealing with these gums issues.

  10. Such as MJ? Please share. 🙂

  11. Please, MJ Hamp, let us know what else we can use other than EOs. I use Neem toothpaste and I oil pull with sesame oil 1x/day. I am aware that gums recede with age; using a toothbrush with softer bristels helps. Making sure you floss regularly. I would LOVE to have a mouthwash to use once in a while but cannot find anything I feel comfortable that it's safe enough. Any suggestions?

  12. I've just realized my Tom's fluoride free toothpaste has SLS in it and the gum pain has started since starting Tom's. I used to use this one and I just bought a new tube and it does not contain SLS. It has Neem, Tea Tree, Wintergreen oil, baking soda etc. I'm going to switch back to it and also start my oil pulling again with coconut oil. Hopefully this helps. I am too young to be having gum issues!

  13. I always wonder if glycerin helps more than it harms. Or the other way around. It's slick, yes? To coat the teeth? So wouldnt that make the gums recede more as they cant hold on to teeth as well?

  14. Yes, I've been using the Dessert Essence also. I like it.

  15. Alka Thyme from Heritage is a great mouthwash. I find it at the health food store.

  16. The video link posted above is really interesting! I might ask my dentist if they can test saliva for specific harmful bacteria

  17. oil Pulling, I recommend doing it with raw coconut oil you put a teaspoon of it in your mouth and swish it around for 20 mins and spit it out. It help to pull out toxins and bacteria and will also whiten your teeth. I use coconut oil as it is anti fungal, anti bacterial anti inflammatory. you can do it daily ..

  18. Jen, I have sibo and have a little inflammation in my gums…. hmmm wonder how it all ties together. Haven't read all comments, but I will. Funny I was just talking to my Mom about this.

  19. Michelle Robinson do you melt the coconut oil a little first? You have to swish it for 20 minutes?!

  20. no melting it will melt in your mouth.. I use about a level teaspoon of hard coconut oil 😉

  21. Michelle Robinson thanks! And you do this for 20 minutes?

  22. Jen Washere what brand of colloidal silver?

  23. I can only oil pull for 10mins- my cheeks get sore-haha

  24. Thanks Jen! Do you think this is connected to sibo? Oh and I am 37 too!

  25. Felicia Gray I think your question was meant for Michael Waldner? I didn't mention colloidal silver in this thread 🙂

  26. Jessica it wouldn't surprise me as I have taken a lot of antibiotics to try to wipe out gut bacteria and the systemic ones would have messed up my oral microbiome. SIBO also causes inflammation and malabsorption of some mineral and vitamins (Iron is one) so I'm sure it doesn't help to have it. I'm going to oil pull again tonight and from now on- it easy- just do it in the shower or while watching tv. I did it last night while doing yoga and almost choked-haha. Not recommended. My mouth already feels better today from 2 peroxide and baking soda brushes and the coconut oil. My jaw was starting to hurt and my teeth and sinuses in my cheeks. I feel like something weird is going on and I need to stay on top of it. I can't imagine a normal dentist or primary care Dr being able to figure it out- they would just listen to symptoms and prescribe an antibiotics of some sort- trial and error :/

  27. Jen Washere sounds like me too. Must be connected! So you just swish the coconut around? I will have to try this. I already do peroxide on my gums. Can't do baking soda bc I have a sensitive tongue. I am due to go to the dentisit and I dread trying to explain all my weird stuff!

  28. Don't bother trying to explain it- lol. I started having an argument with my son's dentist as he said my 5yr old has perfect teeth then tried to convince me we need to use fluoride toothpaste… I decided to take the high road and say we may consider it when he has adult teeth and left it at that. Too hard basket-haha. Oil pulling is simply swishing oil around in your mouth and trying to get it in between your teeth. You just want to keep moving it around and the bacteria clings to the oil then you eventually spit it out. Coconut oil has other healing properties as well so its my favorite. Using olive oil etc would be so gross

  29. Ooops Jen, it was Audrey and yes Michael Walder; which brands of colloidal silver do you recommend and how applied? so many out there. thanks!

  30. Some amazing suggestions here 🙂

  31. Gum and tooth health is so important to prevent illness and disease. It's amazing how our bodies work- like finely tuned vehicles

  32. Coconut oil. It makes the cell membrane of bacteria fall apart is what I read in a book about coconut oil. I knowv it makes my mouth feel a lot better.

  33. Yes i think coconut oil contains Lauricidin from memory

  34. Yes, Lauricidin is made from the antimicrobial portions of coconut oil.

  35. Any other suggestions MJ Hamp? I have to keep taking strong antibiotics and I'm concerned it's making things worse for my good bacteria everywhere. I want to beat this SIBO beast and keep on top of anything it throws at me 🙂

  36. Over twenty years ago I think a German cardiologit shared that he believed bleeding gums was indicative of bleeding heart vessels and could be used as a predictir of heart disease…collegues laughed at him. We now no one is laughing. Overall health is now predicated on oral health. The mouth is the only place on the body where bone is exposed. We still have a very long way to go, but we are getting there. LYME DISEASE Spirochetes are often rampant in the mouth. Baking soda will kill and incapacitate many of these bacteria. So much to know, but oral care is paramount if you want to maintain good health.

  37. OK, Jen…. When my gums are really inflamed, I open a capsule of Goldenseal and Myrrh, pour it into a shallow cap. Then, I lick a finger, dip it in the powder and apply liberally to the gums. Do this several times a day. Works well for me. I haven't been able to afford dental care for over 15 years.

  38. Thanks everyone! Cheers to oil pulling and good health =D

  39. That happens to me when my immune system is low/fighting something. Swishing with MOM has helped me tremendously, and then I be sure to go to bed early!

  40. After oil pulling with coconut oil, then clean your teeth, then swish 30sec. with colloidal silver, spit out then hold new colloidal silver in your mouth 30sec. especially under the tongue swallow. Strongest gums ever, cleanest teeth I can't stop feeling my teeth with my tongue, pure joy

  41. I've been using this tooth powder in the evenings before bed instead of toothpaste…for over a year now. Made a huge difference in sore gums:

  42. What You’ll Need
    • 3 tablespoons bentonite clay.
    • 1 tablespoon activated charcoal
    • 1 teaspoon chemical-free baking soda
    • 30-45 drops of essential oils: Peppermint, a combination of orange and vanilla or Cinnamon
    • 1/2 teaspoon stevia powder

    What To Do
    1. In a glass jar, pour all ingredients and mix with a wooden or plastic utensil. Metal will make the bentonite clay loose effectiveness.
    2. Wet your tooth brush and then shake off all excess water.
    3. Tap your tooth brush into the powder (you might want a separate jar for each family member) and brush, normally.
    4. For extra whitening power, allow the tooth powder to stay on your teeth for a few minutes after you’re done brushing.
    5. Rinse well.

    • Bentonite clay is such a fantastic base for tooth powder because it is a very gentle cleaner. It scrubs teeth without scraping them. Bentonite clay also has tons of minerals that are good for your teeth and it absorbs toxins.
    • Activated charcoal is the secret natural tooth whitener! Seems strange that something black can make your teeth white, but give it a try and see for yourself! As a bonus, it absorbs toxins, too.
    • baking soda is a good tooth whitener. Just be sure to get a naturally-mined, chemical-free one
    • 30-45 drops of essential oils: Peppermint is known to help whiten teeth, but we use a combination of orange and vanilla. Cinnamon is good, too. Since they are so concentrated, we always use organic essential oils
    • Stevia powder. Start with a tiny amount of stevia powder and work your way up, since it can be overpowering, if you use too much.

  43. My dentist did a DNA test to see what bad bacteria was in my mouth; mine wasn't the real bad stuff so he just has me using a mouthwash and toothpaste called Closys no fluoride

  44. Try pronamel toothpaste It helped me

  45. Denise Headrick Sneed——we are related somewhere, I'm a Sneed, or deSneyde (England)—–Sneeds have amazing history in the US—just wanted to say "Hello"! 🙂

  46. My dentist told me to brush with baking soda to keep my gums healthy and tight.

  47. lots of rinsing and gargling with celtic salt + water

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