Any women who suffered from Postpartum Thyroiditis?


Question for any women who suffered from Postpartum Thyroiditis, what was your elevated TSH at diagnosis, and did your thyroid recover to pre pregnancy function one year later? I went from a TSH of 0.3 at 6 weeks postpartum to a TSH of 88 at 4 months postpartum. I am wondering if I will have permanent thyroid function loss with a TSH so high?

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  1. Wow, when I first started treatment my tsh was 11 and i felt like death was knocking on my door. So sorry

  2. Oh and that was in 2009. I started out taking 50mcg levo and the last few years it has been increased. I now take 112mcg. \nIf that helps any?

  3. My Hashimotos was diagnosed postpartum 7 years ago. I started with 13 mcg Tirosint and now my dosage is up to 75 mcg.

  4. Mine started in 2000 (after 1st baby) and I was on 25mcg levo, now I’m on 200mcg levo.

  5. I had postpartum thyroiditis that cleared up and my thyroid stabilized but 2 years later I’m having problems again.

  6. I was diagnosed 15 months this post partum 5.6 tsh.\nIt’s never gone down in its own. \nMake sure you’re checked for hashimoto too

  7. Diagnosed at 6 weeks pregnant with my second, when my first was only 6 months, with a tsh of 28. 4 months pp, I was back up ontonthe twenties, and tested positive for hoshimotos. 13 months after the birth of my 2nd, still having issues regulating, with levo.

  8. I was diagnosed at 8 months postpartum with a tsh of 75. Mine never went away and almost 6 years later my synthroid dosage is 112mcg. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

  9. 2 years ago I was diagnosed after having twins. Still have high antibodies but everything else has leveled out. Not on any med only for anxiety

  10. Mine was postpartum. I was tested before pregnancy with normal tsh. 4 months postpartum mine was 81. My dr also tested my antibodies and diagnosed hashimotos. 15 years later im still on 150 mcg of synthroid.

  11. My TSH was 0.008 then about 4 to 5 months went to 12

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