Anyone dealt with severe Vitamin D deficiency?


Hello friends! Anyone dealt with severe Vitamin D deficiency?! Like had to be put on prescription supplements?! I have been put on 50,000IU. It was 17! I have severe muscle aches and bone pain! especially my knees! I’m 30. Anyone else symptomatic? And what helps? ??

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  1. Yes mine is a level 16.

  2. Yes. Made a big difference when I got it normalized.

  3. I’m 25 and was 11. Also put on 50,000. I’m awaiting my results now after finishing a bottle and in the meantime have been told to take 2,000 per day.

  4. getting my vitamin D tested when I go to my next endocrinologist appointment it’s supposed to be like the 31st of January it’s my third doctor’s appointment with the endo and he told me that I could get any test I wanted pertaining to hormone and glands for the endocrinologist part of it I wanted certain but he told me that I wanted to go to the PCP for that that’s pertaining to the iron anything else I’m not quite sure

  5. Yes mine was #7 it has happened 3 times in 20 years…

  6. I think its pretty common

  7. I take that dose twice a week and then 5000 a day of over the counter Vit D. Mine is always low.

  8. Vitamin D supplements give me anxiety

  9. Remember vitamin D is fat soluble so take with food. I didn’t know this and couldn’t figure out why my numbers wouldn’t raise even on the vitamin.

  10. Yes and I hv to stay on prescription ones

  11. Mine was 17, too! I took 50k iu twice a week for over a year before it was normal range. I now take it once a week. Turns out I had iron overload that depleted my D.

  12. mine was 16. I take 5000iu a day. how often do you take the 50,000?

  13. Yes! Mine was under 10. Dr prescribed 80k units once a week. I switched to 5k twice a day. My body did not process the 80k all at once.

  14. Mine was 7 and I just took over the counter Vitamin D and got extra sun. It was enough to bring it up into the 40’s I think.

  15. Mine was 12. My ferratin was 3. I took 8 weeks of the script and 5000 daily in summer. Live in Oregon so now taking 10000 daily since sun is pretty much gone until next year. I also take ferrous sulfate and vit c for ferratin. My Dr said she preferred Everyone vitamin d to be above 80. Mine us now 37. Been battling it over 1 year now.

  16. The prescription Vitamin D is usually D2 and our bodies absorb D3 much better. The Vitamin D Council recommends taking vitamin D3 rather than vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 is the type of vitamin D naturally produced by your body in response to sun exposure, while vitamin D2 is not. Most over-the-counter vitamin D supplements are D3. Other than that, it doesn’t matter what form of vitamin D you take, whether it’s in a capsule, tablet or liquid. For most people, vitamin D is easily absorbed in the body and you don’t need to worry about what time of day you take it but take it with your larges fattest meal.. Make sure the Vitamin D3 you take does NOT contain soy. I take Doctor’s Best Vitamin D3 5000IU, in the winter I take 10,000iu to maintain my level between 70-80.

  17. My lowest level was 4. I did several rounds of the 50,000. Now I take 10,000 per day to stay in a more normal range. Fingers crossed my doc is checking it on next visit in January.

  18. I am on D3, but magnesium helps too.

  19. Isn’t 5,000 and 10,000 i.u.’s way above the recommended dose?

  20. I take 50000 mg a week prescription

  21. i took a big amount until i stabilized

  22. My level is 21 & doctor just started me on 50,000 every 7 days for 4 months

  23. Yes mine was 5 they put me on a real high dose then it was normal still have muscle weakness and pains all over

  24. Yes taking it now. After a few weeks if taking it your going to feel better & more energy

  25. Many people with Lyme have Hashimoto’s.

    Most people with Lyme also have very low vitamin D levels. Mine was 11.

    Lyme people often have epstein barr virus as well.

    Have you considered Lyme, Summer Williams?

  26. Me! Mine was 12. Pro tip- make sure you take a magnesium supplement as well. taking high doses of vit D can deplete your magnesium and make you more tired and cause massive headaches.

  27. Have you ever been tested for parasites or did a liver cleanse something is eating your vitamin d!!!

  28. My level was barely a 1 and they gave me 50000iu once a week. It sure if this is why I’m so tired.

  29. I just got prescribed the same dosage. Same symptoms. Hopefully it helps

  30. Yep, Portland, Or girl….I’m pretty sure our Vit D habit is keeping pharmacies in business

  31. I was put on 50,000IU for vitamin d. I’ve always had knee issues and an awful pain in my legs that they don’t know what it is. It’s been going on since I was 12. I’ve had chronic bursitis in my hips since 17. Diagnosed with hashimotos at 20. I hear something different every time I go to the doctor so I don’t know what to do anymore 😓

  32. Trying to get everyone to see that you need D3 and K2 together but someone marked my comment as spam. 🙁

  33. I had a 6

  34. Yes. Mine was 23 and I took 50,000 per week for 3 months and when I got tested it was the exact same…23. My doctor said some people don’t absorb D2 well so to try over the counter D3 for 3 months then check it again.

  35. That was me. When they tested for allergies, they found I can’t eat wheat, rye, barley, or gluten, so for me it’s not just the gluten but non-gluten parts of these grains. When I cut all those things out, my body started absorbing vitamins and minerals again. My D suddenly started climbing again. Just a thought.

  36. Woa. Me too. This is a thing?

  37. Yes, my doctor said it’s common with Hashimoto

  38. I also had the gastric sleeve due to health issues and now really have much better lab work. It also took reset my body. I have lupus and was diabetic. The lupus and hashi and all auto immune go hand and hand sadly.

  39. Vitamin D needs to be taken at night and you need all the cofactors for the body to use it properly.

  40. Mine was 20. I’m on 2,000IU

  41. Okay today is my weekly dose of 50,000! How should I take it to make sure I am getting it all in??? Is there a certain meal I should eat??

  42. Yes, when diagnosed with Hashi’s, mine was 10. I take D3 every day.

  43. Mine was 11 it took 3 years to get it to 43. Which was my read 2 months ago

  44. Supplements

  45. Mine was 16 when I felt like you do. I felt so much better after. Now I take 4000 IU

  46. My vitamin D is bad been on supplements since I was diagnosed and it’s only changed slightly

  47. Kerry Garden have you tried diet change?

  48. I spent a year undergoing MS testing, when all I had was vit d deficiency. My level was 18 when first tested. RX D doesn’t work as well for strengthening bones, etc as over the counter D-3. I take 5,000 iu daily with salad lunch. Vitamins work better when taken with food and 4 hours after taking thyroid medication. Yet, I couldn’t get my level over 30. Rheumy recommended taking Magnesium ( not mag oxide) daily. I take 250 mg after dinner and D level is 55. Normal level is higher than 50 and closest to 100. My daughter with hashi has 70 level taking 2,000 iu daily and walking.

  49. Yes, probably most of us! Unfortunately, this is on ongoing battle. Some believe that magnesium supplementation is the best way to bring your D up.

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