Anyone diagnosed while obese?


I have not been diagnosed, but I’m hoping to learn more about it through real experiences and not just research. I think I might have it, but I would definitely fall into the atypical category. From the research I have found I can trace it back to infantcy. Is there anyone here who was diagnosed as a very young child or maybe teen? Anyone diagnosed while obese? I’ve been finding lots of contractions in what I’ve read, it’d be nice to hear real life. Thank you for any help and insight.

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  1. I was diagnosed this year. I’m 23, also overweight. I was obese at one point during my teen years, but I was also on medication that really made me gain weight. I can trace it back as far as a decade or so.
    Symptoms started out small but over the course of a decade or so I felt like my symptoms just kept building and building to the point where I started to lose my hair and felt generally terrible everyday.

    Positive bloodwork and biopsy later, I’m just now starting to feel a little more human and less like a zombie.
    I’m not skinny by any means, weight definitely doesn’t matter. That’s old school out dated information.

  2. I was just diagnosed 3 weeks ago started with being exhausted, bloated, I felt nauseous. Vitamin Deficiency. Then it was major stomach pain. Which lead to me diagnosed.

  3. I was diagnosed when obese and pretty sure I had it all my life

  4. I was never obese until about a 3 years ago. Just diagnosed in July. Since then I’m no longer obese, I lost 45 lbs.

  5. So I have another question for all of you: The longer you cut out gluten, do the signs of celiac worsen?

  6. with over 200 symptoms for this disease, it is very hard not to be atypical, and contradictions will happen. some were too skinny and some were obese, and everything in between. some didn’t have any tummy issues, some did. i would check with your doctor, but make sure your doctor has some experience, test him/her with all the research you have done. too many bad doctors out there.

  7. I was obese as a teen and young adult. I topped out at 217 and a size 20-22 at age 20. I am 5’5″. I am now 46 and around 140 lbs at a size 8. When I was about 15-16 I went through a stage where I would get so tired I found it hard to keep my eyes open. Not sure if it was Celiac or just something to do with being a teen. I was not diagnosed with Celiac until I was in my late 30’s. I can attest to having symptoms similar to that tired teen just before being diagnosed with Celiac.

  8. My personal experience: diagnosed at 31. Obese. Really bad brain fog and loose stools. Tired all the time. History of low iron, low vitamin D, anxiety, depression, stomach aches/pain, hair loss, terrible growing pains, binge eating then loss of appetite due to feeling unwell (all this going back to childhood/adolescence). At one point I lost a ton of weight and was very thin and then the opposite happened and am currently obese.

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