Anyone diagnosed with NO stomach/digestive issues?


Was anyone diagnosed with NO stomach/digestive issues? My 14 year old daughter started with low blood and fast heart rate. It moved through a phase of nausea/no appetite but I think that was caused by a med she was on because that’s gone now. Clammy/ sweaty palms, cold during day and hot/sweaty at night, weight loss, weakness, fatigue, and feels so so terrible!!! Like flu X 100!!! In bed most of the time!

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  1. I don’t have gastric/digestive issues. I think that’s why it took 10 yrs to get diagnosed. My symptoms are more in line with malnourishment. When I accidentally get exposed to gluten I feel like I have the flu, too. It’s the best way I know to describe it.

  2. How is her blood pressure and/or heart rate? Asking because some of those symptoms could be POTS witch I also have.

  3. poor baby…my husband had an endoscopy to try to get to the bottom of his anemia. That’s how he was diagnosed. His Villi were flattened. Still waiting to see if a blood test will agree with his diagnosis. He never seemed to have serious or painful digestive issues. good luck.

  4. I had that with my tongue issues the first week.

  5. I have both digestive and gland issues. I have an adrenal insufficiency. Sometimes it causes me to have digestive issues unrelated to my normal digestive issues. If I were you personally I would discuss with your doctor about possibly looking at her adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands. I hope this helps❤

  6. Good luck to you both

  7. I had nothing that (at the time) I could relate to stomach issues. In fact I pretty much told my Dr he was a quack because I’m over weight. (Or under tall) and fat people don’t have celiac disease.

  8. Has she been checked for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome? My daughter has it and experience those same symptoms.

  9. I was diagnosed 20 years ago after a chain of events that started with a minor bicycle accident. I stopped too suddenly and went over the handlebars getting some minor road rash on my right arm. 24 hours later the bones in that arm still ached so I went to the ER. The intern who looked at my X-rays said my arm was not broken but my bones were thin like an 80 year old woman. I was under 50 and I’ve always been male except for that one Halloween.

    So I told my Dr that the intern said my bones were thin, but the intern had not noted this in my record so it was ignored. She ordered blood tests that revealed low B12 and defective/deficient red blood cells. She thought I was bleeding internally and ordered an endoscopy, looking for cancer. The GI Dr woke me up during my endoscopy to show me the image of my small intestine and said “Dude, you’ve got no villi!” He strongly suspected celiac disease and a blood test for antigliadin activity confirmed it.

    In first grade I used to hide my sandwiches instead of eating them because they made my tummy hurt. Nobody would believe me. I’m pretty sure I’ve had silent celiac disease almost my entire life. As a toddler I was always way underweight.

  10. That why I avoid restaurants. They don’t take it seriously and think it’s all in our heads.

  11. Very interesting information. I have no major stomach/digestive issues but are diagnosed with CD. I do have many symptoms finding/reading has explained sooooooo much. It’s just crazy and very overwhelming.

  12. That’s awful!!! The weight loss, weakness, and fatigue I totally relate to.

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