Anyone else have high B12 blood results?


I got my test results. Things are getting better but my T3 is still not optimal. But my B12 is high (1617)- lab range 213-816. I do take B12 supplement. Anyone else have high B12 blood results?

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  1. My B12 is over 2000 all of the time, I do injections weekly, I also inject folic acid weekly and take it orally daily.\nYou only need to worry if your b12 is elevated and you do not supplement.\nIf you take B12, you should be taking folate or folic acid as well or it renders the b12 that you are taking unable to get to your cells.

  2. I actually just posted this question in another group. My daughter had a low B12 when first tested and was put on a high dose of B12 supplement because it was used to lower an elevated homocysteine level. The level rose to 700 and the doc wanted it closer to 900 so he kept her on the supplement\nA few mths ago it jumped to 1554 so he took her off and she is only on magnesium but it has a small amount of b12 in it. Her draw the other week showed a b12 level of 1240 (Max range 900) although she is off of the high dose b

  3. What is optimal total T 3?

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