Anyone else have lyme disease with hashimotos?


Anyone else have lyme disease with hashimotos? I’ve been reading there is a connection between the two and that lyme disease can actually cause thyroid disease.

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  1. I have seen that circulating around, I have NOT read it and will not, can people have both? YES, does one cause the other? I do NOT think so, one is an infection and the other is autoimmune.\nCan Lyme infection trigger autoimmune? YES, Does it for Everyone? NO.

  2. Any infection can trigger any autoimmune disease not just Hashimoto’s is what I meant.

  3. Yes, I have Hashimoto’s and Lyme. Also have CIRS (mold toxicity). NOT fun.

  4. I’m order to have Lymes Disease, you have to have been bitten by an infected tick.

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