Anyone else on here have IBS along with celiac?


Just curious anyone else on here have IBS along with celiac? What do you do to relieve your symptoms?

Also random but I have heard women have issues with fertility with celiac? Is this true or is it possible to still have a child with celiac? I’m not trying now but I’m a few years I would like to consider having my own children

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  1. I have both. I’ve heard that untreated celiac can cause fertility issues, but I didn’t have any.

  2. I use anti-spasmotics, anti-nausea, and anti-diarrhea medicines.

  3. I was just prescribed anti spasmodica today and not sure which one too use\nI got dicyclomine and hyoscyamine

  4. They are similar but not sure which one is better?

  5. And kind of confused on when to use them as I take a small amount of laxatives now as well during the day just prescribed these today

  6. I’m currently on hyoscyamine, but I’ve taken the other in the past. It made me feel weird, so I switched.

  7. How often do you take that?

  8. I take them together sometimes. The anti-spasmotic doesn’t stop the diarrhea, just the cramps.

  9. I take them both as needed.

  10. Thyroid. It’s always the damn thyroid. Sigh.

  11. When I had my daughter before I was diagoined celiac it took 2 years to have her then when I tried again nothing happened then when I was diagnoised a few months ago I stuck to a gluten free diet and I’m now 11 weeks pregnent took less then a yeat to concieve after being diagnoised and changing my diet weather its a coincidence or not I’m not sure but I’m sure gluten played a big part in stooping ne getting pregnent in the past

  12. Yes, plus colitis. I do a probiotic, enzymes before lunch and dinner and have cut out all foods that cause problems for me. It’s been a loooonnngg process.

  13. IBGuard, over the counter, is pretty amazing too. Steroids made me worse.

  14. I was just diagnosed with CD. I believe that I’ve had it since before I had children, but I had zero fertility issues. I understand it can be a problem, but I don’t have other signs of severe malnutrition. If you don’t have low iron and other vitamin levels or are seriously underweight, then the likelihood of fertility issues is much smaller.

  15. I have had 2 children but I have been pregnant 6 other times , getting pregnant was easy staying pregnant was hard even though nothing was wrong with me . I found out about the celiac disease after my second and by that point I was so sick from not knowing about the celiac. so I don’t know if celiac disease had anything to do with it.

  16. Look up “Anthony William, Gut Health” – he has a blog and also free radio shows on SoundCloud. I tried FODMAP, Paleo, and GAPS/SCD but then learned that Strep bacteria was actually the cause of my IBS and celiac symptoms. Since following his recommendations (eliminating eggs/staying gluten and dairy free, and adding in Cat’s claw, oregano oil, and olive leaf) my digestion has gotten so much better along with many many many other symptoms. X

  17. I have both celiac and IBS…i had 4 kids just before being diagnosed

  18. i have both celiac and IBS as well. we have four boys and we’re expecting our 5th child in october:) i was diagnosed about 3 years ago

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