Anyone ever been put on injections called lupron?


Anyone ever been put on injections called lupron? It’s to force your body into menopause. They want me to start this for my fibroids.

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  1. Lupron may work, it is one option, however it does come with some side effects. Irregular bleeding, and weight gain are the most common.

  2. I’m worried it’s going to trigger migraines for me guess I’ll worry if and when it happens

  3. Why not have a hysterectomy? Or a myomectomy?

  4. I’m only 40. My doctor said it’s too early for me to have one if it’s not medically necessary

  5. Are you done having babies? Then it is not too early. Just remove the uterus and not your ovaries therefore you don’t go into menopause. Or UFE is an option as well

  6. Have you thought this might be related to low T3 , or Low Iodine. It just popped in my head.

  7. Looking for a better link but here is one Uterine Fibroids at Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team, topic 1619160

  8. My nephew had to be on it to stop him from going into puberty when he had a brain tumor pressing on his hypothalamus, sending him into early puberty. He’s off it now, however. If you need any help or have questions I could connect you with my sister. PM me if you want to connect with her.

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