Anyone ever eat at Red Robin?


Anyone ever eat at Red Robin? Any gluten free suggestions?

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  1. yes love it!
    I get a gluten free bun with salmon, lettuce and tomato
    And all the fries

  2. They have dedicated space & fryers, GF buns, GF fries, and some locations have GF fry seasoning. Just went there last night you can order any burger, but sometimes they have to take off condiments, like fried onions, etc. Enjoy!!

  3. Yes and they gave me a wheat roll

  4. You have to be diligent there. They have a GF menu but the Kitchen Staff isn’t always aware of how to prepare. Make sure you educate your server well.

  5. AMAZING. My favorite restaurant.
    I get the California chicken sandwich on gf bread with the bottomless gf fries never had an issue

  6. Love Red Robin and Ruby Tuesday’s just ask for gluten menu .. (usually on an ipad) never had an issue .. go all the time .. It’s limited picking out food what we do get is awesome ..

  7. Yup I get a salad and RR burger lettuce wrap.

  8. I get a California burger on the gluten free bun with allergy fries

  9. I’m actually at Red Robin right now. They are individually owned so each one is different. The one by me has lots of gluten free options. They are fantastic! Travelled out of state and it wasn’t as good

  10. Be careful..I got super glutened while traveling in Mass. I haven’t gone there since.

  11. Yes and I’ve been treated wonderfully every time

  12. Yes! Only once did they give me the wrong bun. They made it fresh again and did not charge me

  13. There simple burger with sweet potato fries..

  14. Love red robin. A place I can have fries 🙂

  15. We have Always had a great experience with food preparation being gluten-free at red Robin

  16. The ones I have been to have an iPad that has their allergy menu. You check what your issues are and it tells you what you can have and how. It’s awesome! Their gf bun is really good.

  17. I have had good luck with Red Robin where I live

  18. They have burgers with gluten-free buns

  19. You have to request gluten free fries though, they have a separate fryer for gluten free and I think they skip av seasoning.

  20. It’s one of my most favorite places to dine!

  21. I get my burger in a lettuce wrap

  22. I love it there… and their GF fries, sweet potato fries!!! Yummm!!

  23. ask for their gluten free buns for 1.00 extra…

  24. Just ate there yesterday! I had a bacon cheeseburger and fries.

  25. I have no problems with Red Robin

  26. Be careful!! It depends which location you go to….1 location I eat at a lot and never had any issues, the food quality is great! \n15mins away at a different location, the food quality is terrible, everything is dirty, AND they glutened me by putting BEER in a shake I ordered with Bailey’s Irish Cream (GF)!

  27. I ate at a red robin last night. Many times have gone there with absolutely no issues. Whelp last night our server she’s had us before n know I’m a celiac, well I guess I got the normal fries. Ugggg… I blew up like a extremely painful balloon

  28. I had the lettuce wraps burger it was good

  29. I ask for the gluten free menu… aka the I pad… and order from there. Plus I just found out their fries are gluten free!

  30. Went there last night. Very careful and was fine

  31. They have gf buns

  32. I successfully ate at Red Robin. Some offer only a lettuce wrap for the burgers. Others have GF buns. Special menu for all allergies. They have a separate prep area and they had GF baked fries. I was impressed with how careful they were.

  33. I always get a turkey burger lettuce wrapped

  34. They have gf burgers and fries. The buns are Udis.

  35. Wonderful place. Ours has separate fryers for chips and fries. I tell them I have food allergies and they give me an ipad tablet and see what I can order.

  36. Grilled chicken sandwich on lettuce wrap. Red Robin is my favorite restaurant!!!

  37. We’ve been to a few and they were great! We told our server about my son and she did awesome!

  38. Yes, they even have a gluten free bun! My son has never had an issue eating there, and he is very gluten sensitive.

  39. oh my gosh! love them! almost any burger there gf buns are so good iv had to question i wasnt getting a gluten one! and they are very careful with there gf fries. i hope you enjoy!

  40. Ask your server for the gluten-free menu and they’ll bring an iPad for you with GF options. The GF buns are delicious! Each time, a manager would come by the table to make sure I found something GF and see if I had any questions about the menu.

  41. We’ve been once. The manager came out and explained everything after wed looked at the iPad. He emphasized that they can make gf fries but the seasoning isn’t gf anymore so they make them separately. He also said if we needed more gf fries give him 5extra mins because they only make them on demand. My daughter had the chicken on a stick from the kids menu.

  42. They have a Gluten free menu. We are there and they were awesome. I ask questions and they listened. No issues. We will go back.

  43. I LOVE Red Robin! They have a GF bun for their sandwiches that is really decent.

  44. Their fries are fried separate from anything else.

  45. Thank you everyone for your comments. My husband and I ate there last night and no issues! It was great!

  46. They have gluten free menu…I chose burger wrapped in lettuce

  47. My fav. Yummy GF bun

  48. We love Red Robin. I get the Royal RR Burger which has fried egg on lettuce wrap with the French Fries. It is such a guilty-pleasure treat to have a burger and fries.

  49. Only place I go for a GF burger. Just make sure your server knows it’s allergy not a preference. They prepare in a special secluded area

  50. Let them,know your celiac and they will make sure your fries are fried in different oil

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