Anyone ever used colloidal silver topically for acne?


My teenage son is really struggling with acne. Has anyone ever used colloidal silver topically for acne? We have tried so many natural remedies with minimal success. The dermatologist prescribed a topical antibiotic cream but we try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible. We’ve removed dairy from his diet and are backing him off gluten.

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  1. Dr. Sebi on YouTube

  2. Sumawil de Lange would it work in over radiated skin 6 years after the fact?

  3. Also sugar, could be candida related.

  4. All skin problems begin in the gut. He needs NO SUGAR and a good daily probiotic, like Dr. Ohira's, twice a day.

  5. Spirinolactone 25 mg ( low dose ) is An androgen blocker. Another drug I've seen work

  6. Topical stuff isn't going to solve skin problems. The problems are deeper than that.

  7. So true – stuff just sitting on the surface won't really make a change. Proper diet and getting minerals back in balance will get the skin – the largest organ of the body- in optimal condition.

  8. Avoid growth hormone in meats.

  9. I know someone that takes it orally every day and swears by it! Read up on that??????

  10. " Please Google the
    Topical vitamin A cream called " differin

  11. Differin is a prescription?

  12. Clear Cell by Image Skincare actually gets into the dermis (the living tissue of the skin) to repair the skin. Products that just sit on the epidermis (almost all skincare lines) do not change the structure or the functions of the skin so they can't make any sufficient improvements.

  13. I used Tea Tree Oil it's great// all gone… some times I open a capsule of Vit.-E and mix with tea tree oil most times oil will combat other oils.

  14. Acne is a symptom of an heavy toxic load on the body. A great article on how to easily, safely, and efficiently detox. In addition to the recommended foods, beef liver and farm eggs are essential to healing a fatty liver (very common today).

  15. There is a book titled "Acne for Dummies

  16. Teresa Schultz Donelson. Yes, it is a prescription. My grandson who is 14 ended up with severe acne all over his face, the acutane made all the difference in the world and cleared up the acne, the differin topicL cream healed most of the severe marks and scaring. The reason for having acne is different for each and every person. Sometimes, when so many causes are explored and no solution is found, it is best to grab the bull by the horns and stop the merrygo round of possibilities! Young people, if not all, suffer self esteem problems that cause major psychological problems! The side affect of acutane sound scary, I know, but the two people I see and have seen on it are doing great! One person controls it by the very low dose of spirolactine. . Sorry if my spelling in not accurate, please scroll back to my earlier posts.

  17. Jee, was your son monitored? One needs to be monitored by monthly blood test and visit with dermatologist!

  18. Who made that diagnose it was Accutane? Sounds like an assumption and who knows if he would not have ended up with diabetes regardless? I am vey sorry to hear this child is suffering this , thank God it is totally curable
    Through diet!

  19. Accutane messes with hormones terribly – and insulin is a hormone – it has quite a few awful possible side effects so yes it very much needs to be closely monitored with blood tests by an MD

  20. No side affects suffered in my family; only positive results…..The key is monitoring……Maybe things are different in the States? I'm in Canada!

  21. We all were terrible apprehensive considering and accepting this medication. Seeing the results, we now question , " in one case, to have suffered so long and studying causes for acne without delivering answers, the issue is now resolved.

  22. Cleaning up the gut is the best thing I ever did for my skin. A naturopath could order a Comprehensive Digestive Stool analysis (CDSA) and help with balancing gut flora and determining any other food allergies.

  23. Win Konijn- are you sure it's a long-term solution, though? Will the problem come back as soon as the medication is stopped? If he stays on the medication long term, will that have negative health effects?

    Of course, it all needs to be balanced with the mental health effects of not treating, and these strong drugs do have their place. But I just question the assumption that the medication "resolves" the problem completely.

  24. No one can be "sure" of anything. The problem did not return in either case in my family. I believe it's one step at a time. Acne is the most complicated topic because everyone has a solution or opinion. Seeing people go through the emotion of thinking others see them as "dirty, full of toxins, you name it, it pretty crippling experience! Yes, of course how and what you eat can be a trigger! I one persons case, not having dairy made some difference but did not eliminate acne in total. My grandson looks great! I was very fearful the huge scares would never heal but they did. So, Feisty as it may sound; just give the treatments I mentioned a try and hope the same results will manifest!

  25. Yet, might be the operative word.

  26. Yes, the cracked and dry lips did happen but was also under supervision!

  27. Janne Glendenning. What are you meaning to say?

  28. One thing I know is that the side affects of suffering acne are also severe. Lack of confidence, not wanting to be on public, becoming anorexic due to thinking that each and everything you stick in your mouth might cause you acne, and many more psychological issues.

  29. You haven't had the side effects yet, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't affect you in the future. Bravo for you that accutane is doing what you want, but many of us feel there are more natural ways to heal ailments.

  30. And I know all about acne, the cystic type acne. Had many family members with it.

  31. My daughter was on it many years ago. The maintenance now is low dose spirolactine .
    It would be worth while to ask who in this group has taken Accutane and see how many suffered side affects! And how many did not! Many medications we take list horrible side affects, aspirin, Tylenol, just start reading! I get it though, it hate ALL meds! Like I mentioned , for both my daughter, and her son, this was not a decision made overnight! Just sharing their experience in the hope that this might help someone!

  32. My husband reacted to the baby aspirin a day. The doctor didn't say a word about a minority reacting to it either. Obviously, he no longer takes it. OTC's and prescriptions are to be taken with care and knowing what the side effects are.

  33. What the side affects "might" be. That is what makes making a decision so complicated and frightening sometimes! We all react different! I eat a ton of peanut butter but it kills some, I eat seafood but it would severely affect my friend! And so on! Sorry to hear your husband reacted to taking baby aspirins! The fact that doctors suggest these are taken as prevention for heart attacks is absolutely ludicrous. How about eating lots of dark green vegetables ? they thin the blood ! it is just a matter of learning how foods serve us rather than reaching for a quick easy but dangerous fix. But, we are all waking up! Yet, there are times when medicines are a Godsend, such as prednisone! A horrible drug, but if your crippled with pain, well, maybe great there is an option!

  34. And, incase this helps; both my grandson and daughter are athletes! So, no couch potato"! No Burger King, Dairy Queen, McDonalds , or other fast food consumed!

  35. Remove sugar and dyes, preservatives, additives. Heal the gut.

  36. Gut bugs – yep, heal the gut

  37. Check out mother dirt

  38. a good probiotic to clean the gut out, the gut is the home of our immune system

  39. For my boys, in addition to healing the gut (no dairy, wheat, and good probiotics) eliminating all sources of bromine (Mt. Dew, Gator Aid, read labels it's everywhere) was critical. Bromine toxicity greatly affects the gut. Google Dr. Brownstein. Tea Tree was essential for topical wash.

  40. ACV on the face and yes CS every night ,sprayed on i

  41. Colloidal silver ^^^^

  42. I believe that article misquoted it's facts, should be silver nitrate not silver colloid that turns you blue.

  43. I've read that colloidal silver has been debunked as having any healing properties.

  44. I've used colloidal silver with amazing healing results. You can find an article to say anything you want online. I use experience to gage.

  45. Iwouldnt use it

  46. Silver was used for eons, along with other natural healing things, that existed long before big pharma.

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