Anyone experience extreme migraines?


Anyone experience extreme migraines that cause dizzy spells, nausea, throbbing in head and blurred vision? Along with constant body aches and pain.?

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  1. Happening right now! But I'm also in alberta Canada where weather changes often, so I can't really tell if headaches are from hashi or geographical location. Get well soon!

  2. I have only had that happen a few times over the years. I have never connected the two though.

  3. Oh man they've been getting pretty bad today being the worst one, I got so dizzy I almost fell outside whichb hasn't happened ever..

  4. All the time until I started working on fixing everything. Diet, sugar levels, leaky guy, stress levels, and thyroid levels among many other things.

  5. I am in the process of getting test done for Cushings syndrome so I'm hoping it goes well but I'm thinking the dizzy spells could be from that

  6. I did have dizzy spells. That was from my sugar levels being sooo outta whack! I hope uou don't have Cushings.

  7. Yes I have hashimotos and it goes hand in hand with nonviolent siezures. The hormones in my body were so out of whack I started having migranes and seizures weekly… after several tests at the neurologist, and a referall to the endocrinologist it took about a year but my hashimotos had all my hormones so out of whack that's what was causing the migranes, head aches, fainting, blurred vision and passing out.

  8. Omg no I'm assuming that's why I have the shakes that are uncontrolled I'm already seeing a endocrinologist but idk if these symptoms are something for him or pcp?

  9. Dizzy spells aches and pains yes

  10. How long have you had this going on? It sounds like the flu

  11. I use to have horrible debilitating migraines. First diagnosed when I was 17, but had them before that. Now that I've him menopause I rarely get them.

  12. Yes. Getting ready to start acupuncture (per my neurologist). Hoping that helps!

  13. Body pain is daily. Especially joint pain. Ugh.

  14. Yes. For years now.

  15. Debra Catlett Page: I noticed my Headaches started to get really bad like 2 months back I had my psychiatrist change an anxiety pill of mine because I thought that's what was the cause but now they're getting worse than before now I can't even eat because I get nauseous and my head throbs none stop.
    Eliza Arnold Blum are you seeing a neurologist because the Dr said so or is it just something you did on your own?

    Im asking all these questions because I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos disease about 2 weeks ago and now I see where all these symptoms are coming or caused by.

  16. Have you noticed if they were all the time or about once a month?

  17. I get Aura Migraines on occasion and they make me very sick – I don't have body aches but dizziness, throbbing, blurred vision, head hurts to lift – spinning, throwing up

  18. Thanks for sharing I'll definitely be looking into this. !

  19. Since I've been diagnosed migraines have been becoming worse

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