Anyone from the Kentuckiana area?


I just want to cry ?. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Nobody around me understands how I feel. I had a doctor’s appt today to discuss my laryngitis, heart palpitations, IBS, insomnia, etc. His theory is…I am having panic attacks. BS!!!! My heart beats at a 100 while I’m resting, my laryngitis has come and gone for a total of 60 days this year and everything I eat doesn’t stay in my body for more than 30 minutes. His theory on my laryngitis is… I have allergies. I don’t have congestion. I am not sneezing or coughing. I had thyroid labs in 4 years, so it can’t be my thyroid (his words). I’m crying now, so will some of you cry with me so I know I’m not alone in this? I’m looking for another doctor, so if anyone is from the Kentuckiana area please help me find one

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  1. I am seeing a functional physician. I feel great now. Yes it hasn’t been easy. Yes you must change your diet. Each person has different foods that effect them differently. I followed Shape Reclaimed with my physician. Google Shape Reclaimed. They have a physician Finder.

  2. I totally understand. My doctor, who has hashis and hypothyroidism like me, understands my symptoms. To a point. She digs for answers. To a point.

    Took us a year and a half to finally figure out what’s causing my body to not absorb any of my vitamins or medications.

    But now, we have a different problem. I’ve been having heart attack like symptoms, but no heart attack. My blood pressure is high in one arm, and very low in the other. Accompanied by a ton of other symptoms.

    But no one will take me seriously. The ER didn’t do shit. My PCP doesn’t want to believe a 27 year old could have blocked arteries.

    So I’m frustrated. My heart pain and rapid heart rate scare me. So I understand

  3. A lot of people with ibs find relief with the low fodmap diet developed by monash university.

  4. You need to get to Wisconsin to a Wellness Way Clinic. They could help you. You need an integrative medicine dr

  5. I’m not saying your doc is completely right. But I do have anxiety. My rapid heart rate and nothing staying in. Was like you..started on a very low dose of medication and has helped alot. However my doctor told me it’s because we make everything different so sometimes we may need help replenishing the seritonin in our brain. He said it’s just like having you gas tank on e.

  6. Not sure how far in KY you are but an excellent functional Medicine endo doc in mason Ohio if you would like to drive there

  7. Have you tried changing your diet?

  8. Definitely find another doctor. Even if he were right, a second opinion never hurts. I had palpitations, which I no longer have. I had to head to the bathroom immediately every single time that I ate, every single day for 8 years. Other doctors said it was because I had my gallbladder removed. I found a new doctor, who found that other doctors missed that I have Hashimoto’s. The only thing I did is remove gluten from my diet, as she suggested. That’s it. No palpitations, panic attacks, nor going to the bathroom. I am very regular now, and can eat out without having to be near a bathroom.

  9. Please look up Ruth Phillips she’s in my friends her blog is intentional existence

  10. I’m so sorry.. find another doctor!!! I had a lot of heart palps until my thyroid got under control.. but it took a long time. This cardiologist scolded me for having high cholesterol and would die. Thanks!!! Well, gee, Hashi’s goes hand in hand with palps and high cholesterol and a general feeling of yuckiness. I actually have to switch insurance docs and I’m a bit scared the new gal will be not okay with what I’m doing. Anyway.. I’m sorry and I think most of us have been there. I hope you can find some relief soon.

  11. You poor thing! I understand your frustration trust me. I’m currently dealing with adrenal issues from stress mainly from work and I’m on leave and my GP wanted to put me on antidepressants! I am lucky enough to be seeing a Naturopath and Chiropractor who are steering me back to health. I’m in Australia so can’t help with location so hopefully someone on here can but I’d be chasing a natural alternative they really seem to get it more. And the anxiety and depression come hand in hand especially from stress and Adrenal farm which can be common with this auto immune condition. I have had it for years and I believe thyroid issues are to blame as nothing else seems to work.

  12. Sweetie, you are not alone. We are with you. We all go through the same things in different times. Hang in there. Find a holistic doctor in your area or farther. Try to eliminate gluten. Add some vit B12 and vit D.

  13. What meds are you on? I had horrible heart issues and insomnia on synthroid and NDT. Switched to cytomel and it went away. Feel like my old self again!

  14. I am in Louisville, Kentucky. My dr referred me to Mary Self office and to go to Dr. Fakunly not sure of the spelling, that is the way it sounds. I did not go. But who my gp recommends. I hope this info helps.

  15. Taking a very healthy probiotic is helping my hashimotos by leaps and bounds! Vitamins and healthy food. No gluten. No sugar.

  16. I have a bunch of medical problems, I have over 15 surgeries during my life. I get heart palpitations when I’m anemic and get laryngitis from silent reflux and my gerd. Eliminating dairy from my diet has stopped a lot of the reflux and runs to the bathroom. You should look into gastroparesis and maybe find a new group of doctors. You should be seeing a good cardiologist, endocrinologist and gastro doc.

  17. I won’t cry with you… Instead I will lift you up and tell you it won’t always be this way because you are looking for answers. Yes you should find another doctor because they will get you the tests you need. However, in the meantime, there is plenty you can try to to make yourself feel even a small way better. \nFirstly… don’t spend hours and hours reading in fb what you should be doing. It’s stressful and eats up your life. Instead…. buy some key books and educate yourself. \nStop the thyroid madness, hashimoto protocol izabella wentz, \nDr K why do I still have symptoms, could it be b12. gut health protocol from amy Myers or Susan blum. \nPaleo or aip diet Sarah banantyne Paleo approach and mickey trescot autoimmune wellness. \n\nIt sounds like you have some real gut issues going on. Healing the gut should be your first priority along with cleansing the liver. \n\nHere is a Paleo list to start you off. You’re not missing out on fave foods- you are claiming back your life. \n\n\n\nYou will definitely have malabsorption issues. \nB12\nFolate\nB vitamins\nIron/ferritin\nD3\nMinerals\nThis is what I do- \n\nTake HCL betain with pepsin with every meal (thyroid pharmacist has a protocol). To increase acid (even with reflux) \n\nTake diatomaceous earth (food grade) to clear parasites and pathogens (find a protocol). \n\nTake a multi strain pro biotic daily cycled with sac boulardii probiotic. \n\nTake L glutamine to heal the gut. \n\nSupport adrenals with adrenal cocktail organic cherry, pink salt & cream of tartar (potassium)\n\nSupport liver dandelion root (I can’t have milk thistle because if gene mutation) & Lemon water. \n\nTake digestive enzymes and/or oxbile\n\nEat Paleo diet with lots of leafy greens for natural folate or go one step further with AIP\n\nEat organic beef liver (I make home made tablets) for b12, iron etc\n\nTake a great multi with methylfolate/ methylcabolamin. \nYou might not tolerate them but low dose in a multi might be fine. I seeking health multis \n\nI take adenoscabolamin b12 as I can tolerate methylcabolamin \n\nTake a B Complex without folic acid. (Seeking health have bminus) \n\nVit d must be taken with k2 mk7 (chickpea derivative) and magnesium see vitamin d wellness fb group. \n\nI take iron water spatone well tolerated.\n\nClean up your environment. From toxins including mold. \n\nFilter tap and bathing water. \n\nCeramic or cast iron cookware wooden or steel spoons (nothing in stick. \n\nChange cleaning products to natural forms.\n\nNo perfume \n\nSwitch to natural cosmetics (see ewg\nWebsite)\n\nPractice self love – don’t beat yourself up! meditate I like thyroid and healing meditations. kind mind, sleep & rest, journaling, also think about how you might be storing your emotion in your throat! \n\nGentle exercise to start walking and yoga may be all you can do. That’s fine!! Your body doesn’t need stress. \n\n4-7-8 breathing to bring down resting heart rate. \n\nPhew long post but covered lots you can start doing. Take 1 thing per week to change. Paleo being the first xxx

  18. There is no cure for autoimmune disease

  19. This process is very frustrating cry all the time this past year seven dose x
    Changes hashis sucks

  20. Your\nNot alone

  21. Also… for me… the hardest part was my family not understanding because they couldn’t see. You need support. Perhaps this could help

  22. They can’t t see this Inside invisible no they don’t understand

  23. Very hard to explain

  24. Sounds horrible Holly. Have you heard of Dr Brad Shook? His FB page is The office of Dr Brad Shook. He’s amazing and does so many educational videos that are so easy to understand. He does distant consulting. I’m in Australia, he’s calling me tomorrow night for an initial 15 minute consult. All the best.

  25. It’s okay we
    U derstand

  26. I didn’t read thru all the comments but have u been checked for acid reflux? My friend had laryngitis too and turned out the acid had gone all the way up and she didn’t even realize it. Just a thought…. prayers for you to feel better

  27. Holly Hollen Fleming, there is a nurse who specializes in thyroid and hormonal issues in Elizabethtown Ky!!! I know it may be quite a distance for you to travel but, she will def try and help you!! She gets it because she herself suffers from Hashimotos. Her number is 270-735-1690. She is building up quite a following and has ppl traveling from all over to come see her and is already booking out in July!! And she doesn’t push synthroid/levothyroxine but gives nature throid.

  28. Get a new dr!

  29. I sympathize with you. I have had hashi for 35 yrs. After so many endos just 2 yrs ago I went to a cardiologist just for a well check. He also practices as a functional v traditional dr. He did a very thorough blood workup on me and found so much e.g. Gluten intolerance, the candida in my stomach was raging (I beg u to check that) and other issues. I went GF and dairy free, took supplements as he directed and bought them from an on line supplier that he recommended (vitamin shoppe gnc put so many fillers it just lays in stomach). I was esp deficient in magnesium and to this day take 6/day. Also zinc very impt for us. Just yesterday I found a web site dr izabella wentz. She seems to understand hashi and gluten free. I believe you can be helped as I was. I wish you good health.

  30. crying with and for you. FIRE that doc, hire another. They work for YOU. Find a REAL doc. I was once handed a pamphlet to a counselor with the words, “you’ve been sick so long you now have a “mood disorder”.” Well…fart on you, doc. She was rude, anyway, even before that!

  31. Nobody gets it until it affects them. Don’t expect them to even begin to try….especially doctors. Sad!

  32. I have not read through everything but I would look at a possible hiatal hernia, common with autoimmune disorders because our gut health in compromised.

    For sure check the Thyroid Pharmacist, Dr. Izabella Wentz.

  33. I am in Louisville – I just read your post. Who is your doctor? I switched to Dr Nisha Vargese and she is wonderful. She is an endo. She really listens. She changed my medis to Tirosint and I feel a lot better. She runs a lot of lab work and really does try to make you feel better and get to the bottom of the issue.

  34. I haven’t read through all the comments but have you tried a functional medicine doctor? I am just starting with one. I told myself it’s my last resort. Unfortunately nothing else has helped so far. he has me on a new diet, cutting out processed foods and eating whole, raw foods and adding fermented foods to my diet each day.

  35. Have you been tested for under active thyroid? Sorry I haven’t read the comments. Laryngitis and racing heart beat was the very reason my doc had me tested. Turned out I had Hashimoto’s disease.

  36. I am here for you Holly. We all need each other through this difficult time.

  37. Change doctors he’s an idiot. It sounds def like thyroid/auto/goiter issues I have all of these issues and I have hashis and goiter. ..

  38. Sorry your doctor doesnt believe you. Finding one that does is the hardest part.

  39. It sounds like me 18 months ago. I started putting pieces together. Discovered that I can not drink tap water, my copper levels were high, vitamin D crazy low, and my meds had stopped working. In 2017 I switched to Naturethroid, started megadoses of liquid Vitamin D, and started drinking alkaline water and eating a more alkaline diet. I am down 30 lbs and feel better than I have in years. I hope you can find fixes like this for you.

  40. Your Dr. Is CORRECT. you have allergies.. You most likely suffer from a condition called ” HISTAMINE INTOLERTANCE. your laryngitis gives it away.
    Histamine intolerance symptoms:
    Bone pain
    Rapid heartbeat
    Nausea..Not everyone has congestion a cough or a stuffy nose or sneezing with Histamine intolerance.
    Go take a benadryl..if you have immediate relief you probably have histamine intolerance..

    Do you eat citrus, fish, fermented foods? Google the ” High Histamine Food List” do you eat any of those?

  41. Holly, Join the FB group Histamine intolerance.

  42. Having this disease is horrible and you aren’t alone 🙂

  43. Do research on Magnesium deficiency. Read, read, read! A lot of doctors don’t agree with Magnesium deficiency and often run the wrong tests. Do your own research. Take either Magnesium Citrate or look up remag. Just Google the word remag- basically it’s liquid Magnesium. Produced by Dr. Dean. I guarantee you that this is what you’re experiencing. Hang in there.

  44. I want to THANK everyone of you beautiful women. We all suffer from this beast and some are lucky enough to have the perfect combination. I thought I did too. Lost weight, new job, no stress, exercising on a daily basis then BAMM 😠. Thank you for your advice, suggestions and caring words

  45. Sounds like you have premature ventricular beat. I have it. Your heart races when you’re doing nothing. The doctors did an ekg and an ultrasound to find it.

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