Anyone get nauseous whenever you eat gluten foods?


Hello, does anyone get nauseous whenever you eat gluten foods?

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  1. Yes. Almost immediately and then the fun begins.

  2. Bloating starts. I look pregnant. I feel like a bowling ball is in my stomach and nausea. It does feel like a bad hangover

  3. Yes all the time

  4. Yes, with vomiting, as well!

  5. I feel sleepy, tired. In some cases I get diarrhea straight away 😢

  6. That’s my first and main symptom. I will feel it worst in the morning and it will last for several days.

  7. And headachy and bones actually ache

  8. I am confused about this question & the responses. NO ONE here should be eating gluten ever, especially if you have Celiac disease.

  9. Why would you eat gluten willingly when you know you can’t

  10. Yes. Every time

  11. When I eat gluten I get nauseas and then have vomiting and fishers within 1.5 hours of ingestion to the point where I need to be taken to the ER to stop it. Last time was a couple months ago and my husband had to call the ambulance.

  12. Absolutely!

  13. Yes! And it’s terrible. Feels like the stomach flu.

  14. Yes I’m a huge disaster 20 minutes after 1 bite

  15. Yup it was the main reason I stopped. Every day for two years. I still get it now if I eat gluten by mistake. Crippling. I get it sometimes anyway and always wonder the trigger. It’s my worst thing

  16. YES! Also, of course none of us are eating gluten on purpose. At least most of us aren’t lol

  17. Yup. Bloating, cramps, nausea, diarrhea…fun times

  18. bloat, nasal congestion, face swells

  19. Some of us are not perfect we all make mistakes. Like I said I just got on this diet 4 months ago cause I have endometriosis So I wanted to try this gluten free diet Just to see if it would help me or not and thankfully it’s helping me.

  20. Yes, and I even throw up for an entire day afterwards.

  21. Yup. And vomiting, skin rash, diarrhea, headaches the couple days after.

  22. Yessss! Used to never happen before- so weird

  23. Nauseous diareah rashes tiredness joint pain and generally feeling like poo for days on end, never stray if I can help it

  24. Oh my gosh yes I thought it was just me! My stomach gets so puffy and Bloated and I get extremely nauseous. I’ve been having a hard time eating food I’m just a hot mess with my GI tract right now and the only thing that I can eat that I really don’t have any issues with our potatoes and I put on about 5 lb in the past six weeks or so because the only thing that doesn’t seem to make me sick. So I’ve been drinking the Slim-Fast while I’ve been getting nauseous after I’ve been drinking it and I looked and it says may contain gluten so now I know I can’t have it and that could be why I have the migraine so now I’m sad all over again cuz that’s something else I can’t have

  25. Yes I get runs and feel really ill for a week

  26. Yes. Also if I consume processed foods and anything candy related.

  27. Yes 😕. Now love the essential oil peppermint Beadlets that make me feel better quickly and I carry them with me all the time!!

  28. I puke for hours and then puke up acid, and then dry heave.. its a never ending cycle..

  29. Gluten = glyphosate

  30. I try never to eat it. My doctor put me on Omeprazole and I don’t have any problems with heatburn etc. I take every morning 30 minute before eating or drinking anything.

  31. Wheat is my problem, I bloat like crazy from a half bread roll.

  32. Even if I don’t I still get sick Such as today.

  33. Or bloated….stabbing pains….diarrhea

  34. Very nauseous, shaky, fever

  35. Sometimes. I get that after some certified gluten free wheat products too. :/ I get blisters, swelling and my bump is basically orbiting my body on its own too

  36. I was only nauseous for a week. Then, 3 times in the next 2 weeks, I wasn’t able to keep gluten inside me. So much for that gluten challenge!

  37. Did once. Thought I had GF burger rolls and they weren’t. Nauseous and sick! Won’t make that mistake again.

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