Anyone get pain under their left rib when glutened?


Does anyone get pain under their left rib when glutened? I’m so careful, but I had In and Out yesterday and definitely think I got CC.

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  1. Yep….I get both sides and it’s all I can focus on. I had been GF but ate a small sandwich on Friday because I needed something quick as we prepared for the hurricane and I have paid for it since. Today was the first day I started to feel better.

  2. I get pain when glutened under my right rib but never made the connection

  3. Left side always! At Inn & Out get your burger with the sauce in the packet on the side, they use the same spatula they do with the buns. Since I’ve started doing that, I no longer get sick and I tell them about my allergy and they’re very cool about it, they had one person only do my order with new gloves on, very happy!

  4. Yes! What is that!!??

  5. How about when you are absolutely sure you didn’t eat gluten and you still get sick. WTF is that?

  6. I had it when first found out I had cd

  7. Did you tell them to put an allergy to gluten on your order? They have dedicated everything. You just have to ask for no sauce and instead ask for it in a packet on the side

  8. Yes. It makes sense when you think about it. That’s where your stomach is so when you bloat it puts pressure on your ribs. I used to hurt breathing the pain was so bad

  9. My daughter does!

  10. Gall bladder

  11. Yes! That’s how it started for me! Cramping pains on upper left side! They have completely gone away, except for when I eat gluten now!

  12. Yes sometimes it hurts to breathe n pain often goes to my chest too!

  13. I had that pain also, now sense I have been on the gluten free diet, I’m pain free.

  14. Have you been checked for gall stones?

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