Anyone getting skinny?


Anyone getting skinny? I’m 5’3 and dropped from 148 to 127, so I am finally in a normal BMI.. I’ve dropped from a size 8 ( chunk over pants) to a loose size 4.. I feel awkward in my new body.. I was 181 when I had my first child, and 4 babies later I’m smaller than I was at 14 years old.. I’m not complaining though, just asking if anyone else is in the same boat?

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  1. I lost a lot and then started putting it allllllllll back on 😞 this year I found out I have thyroid issues to go with it all. Yay. So ya I went from 160 when dx with celiac to now about 180. I hate it

  2. No opposite unfortunately

  3. When I cut out gluten a year ago I lost 23 lbs in 3 months and have kept it off.

  4. yes! Went from 234lbs to 184lbs and still losing weight. granted that isnt small, but since havubg my kids I’ve been big. So when i bought a size 6 dress the other day I just feel weird.

  5. I can tell you that I was eating super clean when I first found out out of fear of other intolerances. I’ve relaxed quite a bit so if I went back to clean eating overall; I’d probably drop the weight again

  6. I lost 110 lbs and now I’ve gained 30 in the last 3 months 🙁

  7. Yup.

    Was 185 at my heaviest. Sitting pretty at 125-130 right now. Feel great… but, then in the back of my mind, I’m like, “that CAN’T be healthy!”

    I lost all my weight in about 6 months. I’m holding steady now, though.

  8. I have lost 34lbs. I’m now at my pre-babies weight of 124 without trying. It’s been 10 months since diagnosed and I’m still trying to get used to it. But loving the smaller sizes again!

  9. When I first started having issues I dropped 70 lbs over two yrs I gained 25 back and from June til now I’ve lost 30 and still losing . I was quite overweight though and I’m happy for loss lol

  10. I have hashimotos along with celiac so losing weight had been really hard. I was diagnosed with celiac about 6 months ago. After I had food sensitivities tested and eliminated all those foods I have lost 18lbs. Hopefully I can lose these last 44 extra pounds I have.

  11. I lost 45 lbs and fluctuate up and down every day. I lost 45 lbs in 2 months before diagnose Celiac.

  12. I lost 40+ pounds after going GF. I now weigh less than I have since I was a child. I struggled for many years to lose weight. But I wish it had not been because of celiac!

  13. Yup! Went from a size 24 to a size 6. I am 5’8\

  14. I’ve lost weight but am very much overweight and loving it. I think the new diet has caused mine, not eating junk and bogging my metabolism down.

  15. Yes I am 5’3\

  16. I’m 5’2 & I was like 135lbs and now I’m around 119. and it keeps going down, No matter what I eat I can’t like gain weight or so it seems, I eat completely healthy, I even ate like cake four times in the last two weeks and it hasn’t changes lol

  17. I was 105 before I got sick Then I went all the way down to 89. Since being gluten free I’ve gained then lost but no more than 5 pds either way. I feel like a yoyo

  18. I wish …

  19. My husband has lost 28 pants sizes since going gluten free. He’s getting frustrated now, as he is actually thinner than he wanted to be.

  20. I lost 20 lbs and then gained it back plus some because of different medicines that I was taking, but since I am off the majority of the medicine I am done 16 lbs and feeling better.

  21. Gone from 84 kg to 52 kg. Its been very tough but finally just starting to put a little back on. X

  22. Yes, I’m as skinny as I was in high school. 105 and can’t seem to gain weight. It worries me from time to time.

  23. Yes for first time in years im not bloated all time and i hardly ate to begin with. I eat way more often but mostly fruit n veggies so weight is falling off

  24. I love all the responses!! It seems we are all so different!

    I’ve dropped 21 lbs, was 2 months today..

    I feel like being diagnosed is forcing me to take care of myself. We are raising 4 kids and 1 teenager, ?and everything is always for them.. I work at an elementary school with kids that have special needs.. Life is busy and I’ve never made time for myself..

    I remember as a kid being fed awful foods like chips everyday, never had a fresh vegetable, fried foods, I clearly remember within 1 min of swallowing pancakes I would be nauseated..

    In my early 20s, I developed a large polyp in my colon that had to be removed, the dr said it had been there for atleast 5 years and could become cancerous if left there any longer..the dr remarked that I was extremely young to have this..

    After my diagnosis of celiac, my whole life kinda seemed so clear as to why I’ve been sick etc..

    Now I’m eating the way I should, exercising (running and weights) and I’m able to drop the weight I wanted to, there’s no bloating, or stomachaches etc..

    I’d love to hear your stories of how you came to get a diagnosis etc..

  25. Girl what did you do

  26. My sister lost down to 87lbs. till they found she had celiac, the doctors said one more day and she would have been in cardiac arrest. I’m so thankful the doctor found her problem at the hospital ER, Her reg. doctor kept telling her different things, so she won’t be going back to her..She has gained a few lbs. Will be on a gluten free diet the rest of her life.( she is 66 years old, the doctor said she had probably had this building for 18 months -two years and would take several months to get it all out of her system, she has to go in for vitamins by IV.

  27. Not me. I like alcohol to much hahahahah doc even said people lose weight on a gluten free diet. I said not me ! I like my vodka. Which unfortunately is all sugar. Oh well I’m not over weight ! Can’t cut out all the fun stuff. Yet

  28. I’m finally able to lose weight. After not being able to after having babies and no matter what I didn’t it was so hard to see the scale move, running 15 miles a week and counting calories and everything . I finally can have a steady drop with normal effort.
    It feels nice see the baby weight come off a little at a time like it’s supposed to

  29. Frick! Why can’t I lose weight!! I’m about 40 lbs heavier than before I went gluten free!! Feeling frustrated because I try everything. Exercise, eating healthy, eating less , biking, yoga … you name it I tried it and I just keep getting fatter!!!

  30. You are doing good you’re losing part of that water weight goes with our disorder

  31. What have you change in your way of eating.?

  32. I wish! Gone up a dress size and weight fluctuates day to day.

  33. most people lose weight cause they no longer snack on sweets or eat fast food- and are prob not eating gf sweets either0 cause gf boxed foods have more calories -also more sugar.

  34. If you’re dieting that’s good but if not check for diabetes!

  35. Nope.. Can’t seem to lose the weight I’ve put on

  36. No I’m trying to be healthy not skinny having trouble losing these 28 lb

  37. I’m 165cm and 39kg

  38. I’m 228 I have 30 to lose

  39. I’ve been gluten free since last Tuesday and I was 12.9 and am now 12.2 ! I’m happy as I knew I was carrying a few extra pounds

  40. When I was diagnosed, I had lost app. 45# from my regular 185. I thought (prior to dx) that it was because of another medical situation I have been facing for the last couple of years. The Dr. explained that the weight loss was mostly due to my body not absorbing nutrients (that happens in the small intestine which is where Celiac Disease is most evidenced). I’m not a Doc, however I have been helped greatly by the advice of both the Dr and Nutritionist who deals with Celiac Disease. In my case that may mean a series of iron infusions (not sure yet if that will happen … again!). Best to you.

  41. Weight loss and better health

  42. When I first went gluten free I lost 10 lbs. right away. Carbs add weight.

  43. No I am just gaining and gaining

  44. I would be excited! I weigh more than ever and eat less… but I am healthy and working full time! Excited!

  45. Look at vitamin deficiency.

  46. What can ee eat

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