Anyone go gluten free and notice a change from it?


Hi guys ! Anyone go gluten free and notice a big change from it ? I just started going gf two months ago. Thanks 😀

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  1. Never noticed a difference and I did it like 2 years

  2. Did and I'm pain free and now play tennis for 3 hours a day. Miracle! I'm never looking back. Gluten and grain free. Bye bye gluten. I don't miss you.

  3. Gluten, grain and dairy free. It's been a big change but well worth it.

  4. Gluten and grain free and i feel so much better

  5. Lost 50 lbs, never fatigued, hair quit falling out, mood swings gone, blood work proved it was helping me. But I was strict! And grain free, dairy free at the same time.

  6. No need to be gluten free unless you have celaki.
    Gluten is good.

  7. Yes and have lost weight. Me an another lady was talking and she said she lost weight because of all the fluid built up from eating what she was allergic to.

  8. I just started so nothing to report just yet as it's only been a few days but based on an insane amount of research I did; a high number of people with autoimmune diseases greatly benefit from avoiding gluten/, dairy, nightshades and sometimes nuts. I'm using a paleo plan to achieve this

  9. I've have been for awhile but what changed everything for me was dairy free!

  10. I did at the suggestion of my endo because I also have gastrointestinal issues. She did run bloodwork for celiac but because it is inconclusive unless you have antibodies, she suggested elimination diet and then see if there was a notable difference. I felt better within approximately a month. When I had gluten inadvertently reintroduced, I was sick for two days. That was my answer. It is not a cure all or miracle as some would claim.

  11. Never noticed any different. Been gluten free for 4 yrs

  12. It was a life changer for me. Lost 30 lbs in 8 months & pain free. You have to be strict gluten & grain free though.

  13. I've been dairy free and gluten free for 10 months and my thyroid eye disease has gotten better since. When I cheat or realize something I ate had gluten or dairy in it, my eyes/eyelids are swollen the next day. It's definitely helped me!

  14. Bloat is gone!

  15. When I eat gluten: bloated, itchy skin (on my stomach mostly), headaches, fatigue. So, if I cheat & the stop, I immediately notice the difference just in my energy level.

  16. Yes. Almost immediately. If I eat gluten now I immediately get really uncomfortable and I bloat up followed by intense fatigue and other awful Hashimotos symptoms.

  17. I'v been GF for 1 week and am down 3.8 pounds and I'm not half asleep 2 hours after eating a meal! I am also able to stay up later without being exhausted at 8pm! I haven't gone lower carb yet (going to do that in a few months) so I've been eating gluten free pasta and pancakes and still lost the weight and feel better. Yay!

  18. Yup. No swelling. More energy. Weight loss.

  19. I tried it for a couple of months with no change. Before that I was tested negative foe Ceceliac. Gluten has no effect on me.

  20. I tried it for 6 months with no changes. Some people go gluten free and notice numerous changes.

  21. yes, but I have an intolerance to it, so I can't say I know if any hashi's symptoms went away. I learned about hashi's after I went gluten free. It makes me so sick that I can't even eat a cracker without being down for a day.

  22. HUGE change!!!! Feel so much better. Helped Inflammation tremendously!!

  23. my doctor suggested going gluten and/or dairy free too but didn't give me any explanations as to why, or how i choose which one etc – can someone explain to me the benefits of going GF for hashis?

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