Anyone gotten pregnant after their husband had a vasectomy??


I’m not sure if this is the right place for my question but I have no one to ask. Has anyone gotten pregnant after their husband had a vasectomy?? Got my period 2 weeks ago but having major pregnancy symptoms.

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  1. For a few days after ovulation your body assumes you're pregnant and you can have pregnancy symptoms if your hormones are off.

    Sometimes I randomly, around ovulation, get super nauseous, my breasts get huge and painful, and I feel strange. It happens about once a year, but I've never been pregnant.

  2. If period was only 2 weeks ago then wouldn't be getting signs yet. How long is your cycle usually?
    I usually get pregnancy symptoms after I ovulate up until I start my period. Our bodies change all the time, you may have increase in hormones this month. I never used to get pregnancy symptoms with my cycles, now I'm older I get sore bigger boobs, sicky feeling, bloated then around 14-16 days after ovulation period arrives.

  3. The type of procedure he had done can be a factor in a vasectomy's likelihood of failure. Was it clamped, cut and cauterized, or clipped? The vasclip has a higher chance of failing. There is also the potential for spontaneous recanalization, where the vas deferens will heal itself by growing a new section to reconnect itself. It's important to note that any new channel create is going to be much smaller and will affect fertility rates, but that does still mean it is possible to become pregnant. The most important statistic for you to know is that, while recanalization can happen, there are two different stages; early and late. Early recanalization happens to about .025 to .05% of the population. This happens in the beginning weeks after the procedure and is also the reason why doctors do a sperm count around 12 to 16 weeks after the procedure to ensure that sperm is no longer coming through the channel. Your husband would land in the late recanalization group, since he had the procedure years ago. While recanalization can happen years later, it is so extremely rare, that there isn't enough data to have statistics for it.

  4. I just read a story about a football player having his 3rd kid since his vasectomy.

  5. My friends had one, he had the semen tests done, 2 months after his last test, bam they now have a 1 year old….

  6. And you obviously know you have to ovulate in order to get pregnant so you would just be getting pregnant so it would be weird to already show symptoms and it wouldn't show up this early on a pregnancy test.

  7. It isn't impossible but the likelihood of it is very slim. I would doubt you are. And you said you had a period 2 weeks ago which would just now be putting you in your fertile period or nearing ovulation, ovulation symptoms can be very similar to pregnancy symptoms as well. Of course the only way to know for sure is to test.

  8. Yes that's how my husband was born

  9. Did he go back for the two semen analysis afterwards like he was supposed to?

  10. It's unlikely but not impossible. When did your husband have the vasectomy? I think, though I could be wrong, that sperm can remain in the urethra for up to eight weeks following a vasectomy, so there's a chance of pregnancy if you have unprotected sex in those eight weeks. After eight weeks, the chances of pregnancy are very slim, but again, not impossible.

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