Anyone had problems with eating Dr Praegers?


Has anyone had problems with eating Dr Praegers? It says gluten free but on the box also said “made in a facility that processes wheat”

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  1. Cross contamination would be the issue. It’s not truly gluten free in this case.

  2. I’ve never personally had an issue eating food processed in the same facility. I won’t touch anything that was processed on shared equipment, though

  3. The facility could be the size of a football field so cross contamination shouldn’t be an issue, being made on shared lines would be more of a problem.

  4. I wouldn’t touch any food that was processed in the same facility as wheat.

  5. GF is a legal term meaning less than 20 ppm. It can be made in the same facility and be certified GF. Certification is a verified process verifying the food is produced to less than 20ppm.

    I eat pragers all the time with no problem, and I am hyper vigilant on CC. Very sensitive to CC.

    Keep in mind that not all of their food is GF, so look for the certified GF label.

  6. I’ve definitely had bad symptoms from eating foods that are manufactured in the same facility as wheat. Like everyone says, everybody is different.

  7. I love all there products, I’ve never had a problem. but if your concerned about the facility they i wouldn’t eat it.

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