Anyone have a laundry detergent recommendation?


Random question- does anyone have a laundry detergent recommendation? I swear Tide has changed their formula. I feel like I am having reactions to it. Anyone else? Hope this is okay to post.

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  1. Tide makes me itchy too now. I love Gain Apple Mango Tango. And free and clear detergents.

  2. I love baby soap. It's one of the few I don't react to.

  3. I am allergic to tide. I use All Free Clear

  4. I use puréx or all typically. I like the free and clear whenever possible.

  5. Norwex has a great detergent and so does Amway those are the only 2 that I am not allergic to.

  6. Nellie's is the only thing I use. The rest is filled with poisons.

  7. I use 7th generation as well…the free and clear….no issues at all.

  8. All free and clear

  9. Ecomax, Seventh Generation, or Nellies washing powder are all great! No crappy ingredients

  10. i only use organic brands

  11. I love Doterra laundry detergent, kinda spendy but it's great! I also like to add a little borax.

  12. I didn't know it changed. Used it all my life. But over the last 4 mo. My neck itches and gets a rash from my uniform. Hummmm

  13. Molly's suds

  14. I use costcos kirkland signature brand of the environmentlly responsible liquid laundry detergent. And we have very sensative skin, no reactions.

  15. Thank you all! I bought Kirkland but I think will exchange for All free and clear and also bought 7th generation. Going to test 7th generation first.

  16. I make my own, works fine and no reactions to it in our house. My son got hives from Gain.

  17. I just ordered Norwex to try. I should get it this week.

  18. Due to my girls having skin issues I have to use anything that is free & clear…my top ones are All or oxi clean detergent and the free & clear all fabric softener sheets.

  19. Melaleuca

  20. We use Era free n clear

  21. Have never been able to use Tide. I can use Kirkland brand from Costco

  22. Some of these products contain so much “perfume” it is nauseating

  23. Arm & Hammer

  24. Have never been able to use Tide, makes me itch. I use All Free.

  25. All Free and Clear or Seventh Generation.

  26. All free and clear works with no perfumes or dye.

  27. I make my own and it works very well.

  28. All free and clear Works great an no allergy

  29. Thieves Laundry soap! Love it and no junk!!

  30. My son & I have sensative skin & eczema… arm & hammer is all we can use.

  31. I second thieves! From young living.

  32. I react to a lot except arm and hammer

  33. We use Melaluca. Love it.

  34. Soap nuts. Then no chemicals that wreak havoc on your body.

  35. Ecos for us. Wal-Mart carries it.

  36. Molly's Suds

  37. Boulder Clean

  38. I have detergent allergies, and I use All free and clear.

  39. All Free and Clear for two decades after one of my kids reacted to other detergents as a baby/toddler. He is now 23.

  40. I feel tide changed their formula also to. Use arm n hammer. Wish I had a good receipe for making one.

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