Anyone have a natural remedy for vertigo?


Anyone have a natural remedy for vertigo?

I’m not self diagnosing. I’ve had it on and off for years. It is diagnosed by several doctors over the years and it got worse after I got hashi’s.

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  1. I take ginger root pills

  2. Good question! Curious as well

  3. Yes, there is a video on YouTube. My brother said it helped. Lemme search….

  4. Before you can ask for a treatment, you need to find the cause

  5. Louise Emerson I’ve had it for years. They have never given a reason. But while researching inflammation from allergies and Hashimoto’s it can effect you by causing vertigo.

  6. It really depends upon the cause of the vertigo. Have you discussed with your doc??

  7. I have vertigo from thyroid and migraines. I also get severe motion sickness and found a RELIEF BAND has helped 8 out of 10 times. RX has them but search on amazon.

  8. I get it when I am low on protein or have allergies.

  9. Heidi Olson Hof that’s kind where I’m at. I had stuffy nose and a sinus headache for a couple days and then this cane along. But I’ve had vertigo on and off for many years..I can remember having it in 2007. They have always told me that it’s benign positional. So I was wondering if there was a way that people treat it naturally to get rid of symptoms faster.

  10. Melissa Le diet change took that away, and also anti i inflammatory herbs like turmeric, garlic, and ginger can help. The most effective product I’ve found yet for vertigo is an essential oil blend found at wal mart in the motion sickness section called “divertigo.” it literally stopped the spinning for me one morning…I’ve kept it on hand since. I even used it early pregnancy to address nausea…a little behind the ears is what they direct. WOW. Just wow. Essential oils do not disappoint.

  11. It’s not natural, but one Claritin tablet in the morning helps me with no vertigo all day.

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