Anyone have a reverse osmosis or berky water filter?


Does anyone have a reverse osmosis or berky water filter? Which one do people reccomend?

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  1. Berkey!!! RO takes out too much stuff and wastes water. I have mineral stones in bottom of my Bereky.

  2. We have RO and I regret it. :/ I've learned better since

  3. I don't have RO but I did buy an under the sink filter from and love it. I've been drinking nothing but that for almost 6 months now.

  4. Definitely a Berkey if deciding between the 2. I have been using one for the past 2 years, and I find it a pain to have to keep up with. But, I didn't feel that way when I was living in the city. We have well water, and it seems to clog up the filters way more, so that I have to take it all apart, scrub the filters, prime them, and put it all back together about every 2-3 weeks, or the water takes forever to filter. I read a post on Wendy Myer's website the other night with her recommendations for water, and she recommended a whole-house water filter. I thought I was okay since I don't have all of the chemicals that are in municipal water, but apparently well water can be contaminated with heavy metals and agricultural chemicals (I live amongst farm land). I'll find the link and post it.

  5. By the way, I found Wendy Myers through Morley.

  6. Berkey by far – the best

  7. I love my berkey with the fluoride filters!

  8. What are people's opinions on a structure water system.

  9. Googled Bereky and saw there were lots. Which one do you recommend Patsy Sommer Randolph, Ashley Tilley, Deb Saridan Hallman, Dawn Ruggles, I live by myself in an apartment. Need economicical. Thank you!

  10. It is really a personal choice. I have the Travel one. It is just hubby and me. When we have people over or the kids are home for a few days I just make extra ahead. BUT since I bought a primer from Amazon – the water goes through the filters much faster!!!! We even travel with our Travel Berkey 😀 We don't take it apart, just empty it & put it in a suitcase with towels around it. Well – when we travel by car – wouldn't do this on an airplane 🙂

  11. The fluoride filters contain alumina, which they say is not aluminum. Turns out that alumina is also horrible for you and crosses the blood brain barrier. I truly believe that it contributed to issues with my family.

  12. Also search this page on the products and read earlier threads, too.

  13. Berkey!!! I read some bad things about reverse osmosis

  14. I researched for a long time about filters and berkey. I've never heard that. I will have to research that too.

  15. From the CDC website, see what they have to say about Alumina:

  16. I have an AlexaPure – LOVE IT!!

  17. Berkey's claim to get fluoride out but do not. RO does get fluoride out

  18. Hey culligan man !!!!

  19. how about comparing costs of filters vs output

  20. Berkey with mineral stones

  21. Anyone worried about the reviews on the Berkey that show that they don't filter the fluoride out as they claim? I am also not keen on an RO so I feel at a loss as to what to get.

  22. well RO water is dead water and our bodies need living water so if it's btwn the 2, berky. i use a nikken pimag water filter. it's the bomb. what many people do is get a home RO system then put their water through the berky (or other filter)

  23. The berkey does not effectively remove fluoride. I think fluoride is safe and effective in small amounts

  24. Spring water. I buy at the store and then you can refill jugs at local springs. However, jugs are plastic, so I feel one cannot win in this battle for pure water these days.

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