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My 19 year old son started working out at the gym recently. He is doing weight training and cardio. He was taking magnesium malate that I gave him until he ran out recently. He wants to boost his metabolism for weight loss as well as continue building muscle mass. He wants to continue with magnesium, a multivitamin and the protein shakes and pre/post workout drinks he is using. He wants to add a supplement for weight loss and I’m really concerned he may pick something risky. Does anyone have any advise of the type of magnesium (is malate the best for him or would glycinate or something else be better suited) and the positive or negative effect of adding a weight loss/metabolism aid?

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  1. I'm sure he CAN speak for himself or she wouldn't have all this information about his goals 😉 Keep mom-ing. I would feel blessed to have a mama that cared so much about my well being.

  2. I weight train, very heavy. I take malate. Those protein mixes can be loaded with junk. Why not just eat healthy? Eliminate all processed foods. I eat my biggest meal in the morning. I limit my carbs to just one a day. His metabolism will pick up on its own and he wont need anything special. Plus there is ton's of information on the internet in regards to diet and training.

  3. Increase protein with pastured raw egg yolks, great lakes gelatin much better than protein shakes

  4. actually good quality ground coffee, coconut oil is best pre work out. Or he's looking at something with a lil caffeine in for pre workout. But Ive spent money on stuff and it's only black coffee for me n EVCO now pre work out. Zinc in the am. Mag in the pm. Fish oil every meal- for insulin resistance. Post workout he should look at sun warrior which are raw foods although I use Optimun nutrition, with 150 g blueberrys. weight loss clean eating. He should check out charles poliquin meat and nut breakfast, good start.

  5. Jennifer Cavanaugh I was a licensed physical therapist for 40 yrs—–never, ever would any weight loss product be safe—there just aren't any. I also agree with Cheryl Harris—protein shakes are handy, but I've learned from Dan Webb (on the Lyme, Candidiasis, etc. FB page) that 99% are only good for the trash can—and I have the loss of muscle mass and wrinkled skin to prove it—even when I bought the more expensive protein powder, it didn't work. Now I put 2 hard boiled eggs in my morning smoothie—-or if I have the smoothie later in the day. Ask Dan Webb on his FB page about protein powders. Your son sounds like he is on a great exercise routine—weights and cardio. Best to you Jennifer!! 🙂

  6. Malate would be the best, for energy while working out.

    We haven't ever found a good multi vitamin..

  7. Get htma so your not blindly supplementing.

  8. limit carbs, especially the crappy carbs like breads,, pasta, grains etc. good carbs are above ground veggies. increase good fat intake and don't go overboard on the protein.

  9. It is always really sad to see so many people struggle. They put in all this work and don't see results because they don't change their diet. He can get much more through blending a combination of vegetable and add avocado, etc than any protein shake will deliver. I eat no sugars, dairy or even fruit. I eat a huge breakfast which consists of a steak or hamburger and potatoes, etc., then eat a salad or blend juices for afternoon and dinner. I have no fat and I'm going to be 49 next month at 5' 7'' and 120 pounds. He'll feel so much better getting over the hurdle of the diet.

  10. This is what I follow – I think it's more for women, but you can read about diet and lifting and it goes to talk about the difference between men and women lifters.

  11. Creatine is great for building muscle for those of any age going to the gym – and for older folks to keep from loosing muscle mass as they age. It's also great for stamina, recovery and brain function! And when you build muscle your body has a higher metabolism even when you are sleeping

  12. Jennifer Cavanaugh—when I was a physical therapy Program Director, some of the male students wanted to use creatine to increase muscle mass——the male students and I researched it, personally, I don't consider this safe—-that's my former professional opinion. A person I totally trust is a PT and teaches Personal Trainers from all over the world—he is opposed to Creatine.

  13. I agree ^^^^^

  14. Back in the day ( in the 70s and 80s) people who didn't understand Creatine very well may have confused it with Steroids – Creatine is an amino acid and I wouldn't take it if it weren't safe. I'm 54 and have been taking it off and on for years and now I really understand how much it helps muscle growth and recovery. I have a very good explanation that's made me excited to tell my parents about it because they are so weak and have lost a lot of muscle from aging, less activity than they used to have and daily use of painkillers NSAIDS,etc. I'll post the info when I find it

  15. Your boys ought to look up charles poliquin, he is strength sensei the master he has page on here…

  16. This isn't the info I was looking for – but I found this under muscle if you are interested……

  17. If you are worried about Creatine – it is naturally produced in the body from the amino acids arginine and glycine it also helps supply ATP to the cells.

  18. Jennifer Cavanaugh—yes, the body does produce creatine—you add external creatine and the body may shut down creating it. Tom Purvis, PT and outstanding Personal Trainer to personal trainers also knows nutrition and is absolutely opposed to it—oh yes, it will increase muscle mass and strength, but at what cost to the body??? Tom was a Mr. Universe—he knows his stuff and I know research—good research—it's important to find out who paid for that study and who benefits from that specific study, whatever the subject. I wouldn't consider it—-it's like taking prednisone for anti-inflammatory—you take it long enough and it will shut down the body's production of our natural steroids. 🙂

  19. Dr. Josh Axe recommends taking grass fed collagen protein post workout – like this one:

  20. ^^ I like Great Lakes Gelatin. Though I'm not so faithful about it.

  21. Don't use creatine.. It can effect the liver and other organs. Egg whites from organic eggs are great and all natural Hawaiian spirulina powder is a natural multi and protein.

  22. Also go to dr axe website for collagen protein powder. I haven't tried it but it looks like a healthy protein choice. I really like his products

  23. I'm a personal trainer with 18 years experience and a BS Exercise & Wellness. There's a lot involved in your questions & there are some great responses here. PM me for some more specific direction. I would advise against a weight loss aid. A healthy diet within his caloric range will suffice. Good nutrition is key!

  24. I do agree Candace about prednisone and steroids- they are very bad for your liver

  25. Morley actually isn't a fan of liquid anything ftr, he believes chewing food is best

  26. He needs to support his adrenals I taxed mine training I'm now unable to lift loss all my muscle mass body went catabolic

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