Anyone have any experience with a more permanent solution?


Thanks for the add! I have one child (4.5 years old) and have been on the pill since she was born. I recently went to the doctor to ask about a more permanent alternative. She told me to wait til I’m 30 (I’m turning 28 in August) and we can revisit my question. But I don’t want to wait! I’m so content with my one awesome kid! And I feel that she needs my full attention as she has some developmental delays from being a preemie (24 weeker). I’m ready to not have to deal with the pill anymore. Anyone have any experience with a more permanent solution? Has anyone heard of Essure? Thanks ladies!

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  1. I am currently researching the history of natural birth control in the US, which I will propose as my theses for grad school. My university wrote a profile on my research and writings in sexuality issues. It's a concise list of my credentials in the field. I'm a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  2. Be aware that these links are piecemeal; they cover a narrow scope of natural birth control methods. That is one of the reasons I wrote my article. I ensured that my article covered a wide range of female and MALE options (such as Dry Orgasm) as well as links to 8 forms of male birth control currently under development (late stages of research). I also give detailed instructions on how to use these methods.

  3. Many of my sources were books (medical, scientific, sexology, history of birth control, and history of sexosophy, etc) and some websites. This sources are listed at the end of my blog article. Here is one of them.

  4. Daina Almario-Kopp please provide links to reputable medical sources, rather than personal blogs. It just ensures that people are following authentic information.

  5. I have Essure I am getting a hysterectomy at 37 years old. It's the worst decision I ever made. Run run run

  6. I am 46 with one child. As a scientist in human sexuality, I have successfully used natural birth control for 25 yrs. If you learn about how your body works, you can by-pass the doctors. Men should also take some responsibility for birth control (they're the ones producing sperm). I wrote this article explaining natural birth control for men & women. I've done more research on it since I wrote this (so it hasn't been updated yet). If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

  7. Ugh I hate that "when youre 30" thing sooooo much.. My doctors told me that since I was 18 and wanting my tubes tied.. I turned 30, then all of a sudden it became "we dont do that unless you've exhausted every alternative".. Such fucking bullshit.. Its my body, i'm paying you, you do what I fuckin want you to do! AHH!!

  8. Don't do Essure! Lots of pregnancies & complications causing hysterectomies

  9. Jill, I have had Essure for almost 3 years and have had nothing but problems! Constant cramping, headaches, itchy rash, constant fatigue, and fibromyalgia just to name a few. If I knew then what I know now….I would have NEVER have done it. Please don't put yourself or your family thru that!

  10. It's a shame. Not her fault at all. Hope she gets some comfort, mentally and physically.

  11. Yeah, it's very upsetting for both, they're really sweet women and they're just devastated. It was supposed to be safe…

  12. That is so sad. Why anyone would use it now that we know so much about the risks is beyond me. I hope the FDA pulls it.

  13. NuvaRing is a great choice if you're against an IUD, its your choice if you want to get one, though. NuvaRing is once a month, then out for a week, and a new one goes in. Easy and painless. I and others I know have had no issues. Just please, please don't use Depo, or Essure… I actually know a lady at work, who's daughter is having to have a hysterectomy at 28 because of Essure.

  14. My doc was against a tubal at my age and recommended the IUD.

  15. Makes sense. It's just that they did a study recently, and the vast majority of GYNs themselves, have IUDs. It's a risk, but so are blood clots with the pill. It's important to always know your risks… That's why I think more should be done to prevent the misinformation that's around stating that Essure is similar to other internal, transcervical devises.

  16. Most of the doctors that wouldn't give me the iud decided not too because of the rare chance it perforated my uterus, that it could make getting pregnant more difficult. If any little risk prevented doctors from performing prodecures, nothing would ever be done. Every medication and procedure has it's risks. That's why there are consent forms.

  17. IUDs are the most popular and most prescribed form of BC. It's silly any doctor would oppose. It's really important to not put IUDs and Essure in the same category. They are very, very different!!!!!

  18. I had the same issue. I had so many doctors tell me that I shouldn't use an iud until after I have children. I finally found a doctor that thought it was ridiculous and let me get the mirena. There's a reason why you sign a consent form for an iud.

  19. No to Essure!!! There's a huge lawsuit against them right now. I had it and had to have a hysterectomy at 36 because of it- that's the only way to get it out. Have you asked your husband to get a vasectomy?

  20. That's the big thing… It's REALLY in there. Forever… Unless it travels and embeds into your other internal organs ( which has happened a lot) IUDs don't function the same way, and are not permanent.

  21. Jessie very very true!! HAHA

  22. Essure is a foreign material inside you, and it's there forever, unless you run into complications and have to undergo a hysterectomy to have it removed.

  23. Jill Vaughn Its not any more foreign then the essure 🙂

  24. Thank you all so much! I have heard horror stories from Essure, but I have also heard of success stories. I know it's fairly new procedure. The IUD freaks me out though! Maybe the idea of a foreign entity inside me for however long. I may get a second opinion on a tubal from another doctor. I'm sooo ready!!! Thanks again for the input.

  25. Find another doctor. Their view of making you wait is so outdated. You are an adult and you should be able to choose what you want to do with your body.
    I don't have kids nor do I want any. I will be 40 this year and I have heard the same thing you were told, but I've been hearing it for the last 10 years.
    My advice I've you can't find a doctor is a copper IUD, easily removed if you have issues and no added hormones.

  26. I have one child also, and don't want anymore, but I'm only 22, so I got the iud

  27. I would never consider essure. Go with an IUD if you want a long period of time you're protected. Many many many doctors will not consider tubal ligation under 30 and especially if you only have 1 child…I'm sure you can discuss it more if you need to with them. Its your choice. I'm almost 27 and pregnant with number 3 and they didn't even bat an eye when I said I'm done having children and want to have my tubes tied. Please seek out more options…do not go with essure

  28. Paragard is a great option. Lasts for 10 years without any real maintenance or worry. Is hormone-free. It's just a really good option without lots of worry. Essure literally creates scar tissue in your Fallopian tubes to create a barrier to sperm. When you think about it, it's super crazy! It purposely damages your tubes by using abrasive coils. Please stay away from it!! There are many other options that are fairly easy!

  29. No to Essure! It's pretty horrendous – there are some women in this group with some chilling stories. You could also join a group called Essure Problems, which is filled with women who have had life-threatening and life-changing issues with it.
    Since they won't perform any kind of sterilisation on you just yet, you'll have to settle for one of the birth control options on the market. I would recommend the non-hormonal IUD if you're looking for long-term protection. It lasts for 10 years, and should cause very few problems, if any, because it contains no hormones.

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