Anyone have any experince with Texas Roadhouse?


anyone have any experince with Texas Roadhouse? they have a gluten friendly menu but says there could be contamination in all foods…. grrrrrr…..

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  1. I honestly don’t know how anyone eats out with celiac.

    I used to work at TGIFriday’s, and I can’t imagine how things wouldn’t get cross contaminated, honestly. The kitchen was so small and things were mixed and matched and fried and all that ALL the time…

    I know that every restaurant is different, but I’m scared to death to eat out anywhere right now.

  2. Good question!


    I never had good luck at ours. Hasn’t been back in a year.

  3. I agree I own a cafe and new dignosed and won’t eat there to much gluten around

  4. I eat at Texas road house all the time. In almost 2 years I’ve never gotten gluten at our local restaurant. Can’t speak for all of them but I just give the server my gluten awareness card and they show the chef and it’s easy after that

  5. This made me think of a good question though – if you have a gluten card, and get cc, can you sue?

  6. I do okay with sweet potato, baked potato, green beans or steamed veggies…

  7. I heard that they cover their grill with some kind of grease that contains gluten. That used to be my favorite steak place but now I will not step foot in there.

  8. I won’t go there. I ate the sweet potato, meat and steamed veggies and got sick. Of course that could have been a random incident that day but I am not willing to try again.

  9. I never have an issue there – I just tell them not to marinade my salmon or steak.

  10. I have to be careful because a lot of steakhouses put gobs of butter on their meat! 😳 Since I am also dairy free that has caused me problems. Last time I had sweet potato (no biter) and kabobs with no issues.

  11. Our store is very good about gluten free , know what they are doing

  12. I did the same- no marinade. Their gluten free menu gave me the options I could have. I have never had a problem at outback so I stick with them.

  13. I have reactions every time I eat there and I’m not extremely sensitive to cc

  14. I eat at the roadhouse all the time with no issues! I get the steak baked potato and garlic green beans! So good!

  15. Just order a salad

  16. My sister works there and so the staff pretty much knows me and take extra care when I go in. I always just get steak and veggies. I’m very mild and 90% of the time non-reactive so it’s a risk I’ve been willing to take.

  17. I’ve gone and not had problems, but I asked for them to leave all seasoning and butter off the steak and then have a salad and baked potato.

  18. I had to ask for no seasoning on the vegetables and confirmed gluten free chicken, but did okay there.

  19. Terrible, gotten sick both times I’ve gone

  20. Tried once and found a piece of a crouton onto salad so they must just take the croutons out of the salad??? Never went back after that, I stick to the few around me that actually do special prep for “allergy” as they call it

  21. I can’t speak about the gluten side of things because during my experience with them, I didn’t know about my gluten problems– but I will say that they don’t care about avoiding cross contamination for people with allergies. I have a severe seafood allergy and I would always ask about them separating the seafood from the chicken and steak before I even ordered. Well one day I got grilled steak and broccoli and had to rush to the hospital. I just don’t trust it.

  22. I eat at Wendy’s a lot. I just get the triple with cheese no bun onions on the side and no fries. Lol soda yes

  23. I took my son to one in CO. The manager was clueless – said oh yeah he can just have mac & cheese. But we talked more, they scraped the grill in case any marinades had G in them, and ended up with a hot dog and baked potato. My son is sort of asymptotic so I’m not 100% but he seemed good.

  24. Went to BJ’s last night and had the most amazing steak with a baked potato and asparagus all GF and all AMAZING! Waiter was super helpful and made me feel right at home.

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