Anyone have any info on selenium?


Hi there,

Just saw an MD yesterday and he told me he wants to check my antibodies and possibly have me take selenium. I am currently on synthroid, have been diagnosed 2 years ago.

Anyone have any info on selenium?

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  1. Yeah, and you can get it naturally with Brazilian nuts… I eat 6 a day

  2. Preliminary studies have shown that it can decrease inflammation within the thyroid gland and assist in the conversion of T4 to T3. The maximum safe daily dose is 200 mcg. Some do well on it and other experience side effects and it can be toxic at high levels. Definitely not one of the “more is better” supplements.

  3. I was taking it, per the advice of my endocrinologist. But he recommended I discontinue use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

  4. this is an article by my doctor on it (this is how I found him I was googling about selenium/zinc & Hashi’s) I supplement with both and believe it does help with my symptoms…also I have a food sensitivity to brazil nuts so can’t take those…

  5. I tested slightly high in selenium. I’ve heard it always best to test before you start suplements.

  6. My Functional Medicine doctor put me on Selenium immediately. It’s very common.

  7. I take 200mcg a day. My doctor said to.

  8. I take pure encapsulations. 200mcg/day. It also helps protect my thyroid so that I can safely take iodine.

  9. This article explained the value of selenium to me

    I take a multi called X Factor Plus that has the most bioavailable form of selenium in it

  10. I started taking selenium because of this site. I bought it otc at Walmart. It has really helped my mind!! Brain fog is gone!!!! 🙂

  11. I started taking 200 mcg of selenium a day along with my Levothyroxine. I have noticed it helps some.

  12. Selenium is one half of the equation. Iodine is the other half.

  13. Yes, it can help but I don’t take supplements, I eat Brazil nuts instead which are high in it.

  14. I take 200 mcg a day along with zinc and it has helped me tremulously. It brought down my antibodies it single digits. Wow a MD said that. Where is he? I told that to my MD and he of course scoffed at me.

  15. my doctor put me on it as a night and day difference I am so much more awake and for the first time at 39 years don’t have to have an afternoon nap but you have to have seleomethionine. I spent a lot of time and energy researching this. Selenium by itself your body cannot absorb it. You need that methionine part or you’re just wasting your money. It’s not cheap but I have a whole new life awake life with that, zinc, and B complex so it’s totally worth it

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