Anyone have Celiac Disease and a wheat allergy?


Does anyone have cd and a wheat allergy? I have cd (newly diagnosed) but about 13 years ago (when my issues first started)I tested negative for a wheat allergy. Could I now be allergic since it’s been so long?

The reason I ask is the the only time I break out a rash, (it looks and seems like hives because they fade away after a few hours and antihistamine help to very slim extent), is at work. I work at Cracker Barrel and there is flour all over from making the homemade biscuits, cornbread, dumping, and everything else. By the end of my shift I am covered in all sorts of food and flour. I break out in a rash every time I work, it’s the ONLY time I get it. They usually start after an hour or so into my shift.

I don’t think it’s my cd because I’m not ingesting it? I do not eat anything at work or even bring food to eat there. I drink water out of my own bottles from home. I try to wash my hands as often as possible but I guess I could still be cross contaminating myself?

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  1. sorry to tell u this, but to preserve your health, it would be best if u quit your job-the environment with flour is making u sick and u wont feel better unless u leave that environment-flour is hard to wash off and u are breathing it into your lungs

  2. u are glutening yourself within that work environment and the only cure for that is a different job where flour is nowhere near your skin/lungs-best to not work in food places unless they are gf

  3. From what I read it can gluten you from breathing it in cuz its air born. On the other hand I have an older son that isn’t celiac and Dr said it is fine if i bake normal for him. I would ask your doctor for sure

  4. You could be breathing it in. Can they move you to work in the front store part? It could also be Dermatitis Hepetiformis

  5. If you are covered in flour, then you’ve breathed it in. The sinuses drain to the stomach. That how you get sick from environmental gluten

  6. ? gluten can cause reactions on the skin, as well as the above mentioned ingestion risks, so it would be better if you can escape once you have a safe ability to do so without affecting your living situation

  7. Am I missing something I thought wheat was gluten?

  8. It is very possible to have both a wheat allergy & CD. Or you could be allergic to something else. ??‍♀️. Maybe have some allergy testing & see what the results are. It’s hard to know for sure until you do that, I think.

  9. I have both. Airborne flour is not my friend. I used to make play dough for my kids and bake a bit, and would always regret it when I got hives and my eyes swelled. Contact and inhaled allergens are real!

  10. I had to quit my bartending job years ago. Beer spilling on me would cause hives.

  11. A comment stating gluten needed to be ingested has been removed. This is not true, is unsafe information, and not permitted in the group. Autoimmune does not require digestive exposure to result in reaction.

  12. Ugh this is super unfortunate…. I was really coping fine with my new diet and lifestyle change but now my job… It is really stressful. I don’t even know where to apply at where I can make the same amount of money…

  13. You have probably had it your whole life like me….breathing, touching or eating it will affect your autoimmune….causing your body to attack itself….need different job.

  14. People with celiac absolutely can and do react to gluten on the skin. :)) We’re still learning the science behind it and why it’s a symptom, but it has been established for certain that it is a symptom.
    Of course, it is still technically possible that you do have an allergy to wheat in addition with celiac. I wouldn’t really bother with a scratch test.
    It’s my understanding Cracker Barrel workers have uniforms, right? Is there any way to protect your skin with long sleeves or something like that?

  15. I also wanted to briefly mention to my fellow commenters that Sara may not be able to just up and quit her job at the drop of a hat. :)) I’m sure she’ll take care of herself.

  16. Okay folks closing comments because the topic has been covered well and I’m sleepy

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