Anyone have experience with Better than Bouillon?


Does anyone have experience with Better than Bouillon? We like it and haven’t had any reaction, but it isn’t labeled gluten free and I have heard to look twice at bouillon.

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  1. Gluten is from 3 sources wheat, barley and rye

  2. Gluten free labels can be deceiving, look at all the other ingredients, they too can cause allergens! Whole foods are better than processed foods.

  3. I use it. No issues.

  4. I use it.

  5. So from experience… I can do the chicken but can not do the beef and I believe it is due to the caramel coloring.

  6. One thing I know for sure is that you still have to check the label when labeled GF bc sometimes it will say processed in a facility with wheat. With that being said you are always taking a gamble when the product is not labeled GF bc of cross-contamination

  7. Hydrolyzed is a process of an ingredient, not a ingredient itself.
    I’d still not eat it tho, soy is not all it’s cracked up to be

  8. We use it

  9. it is gluten free, I use this all the time. Whether people are sensitive to other ingredients or don’t like them is not the question.

  10. They can’t make the gluten free claim then I wouldn’t trust them

  11. I use this love it

  12. This is the only one I use and have no problem.

  13. I use the beef, chicken, and vegetable varieties for every recipe I make that calls for broth or stock.

  14. We use Herb Ox which does say Gluten free

  15. Where do you get this?

  16. Had a problem ..figured it was soy and yeast .

  17. My daughter eats this one and has been fine

  18. I use this one only in Chicken

  19. Costco has them too

  20. I use the chicken flavor, haven’t had any issues

  21. I use the chicken kind and love it, but it dies have dairy in it for those DF folks.

  22. Hydrolyzed has gluten in it

  23. Herbox is great and GF

  24. Looks fine and uses xanthum gum

  25. I love it

  26. Beware of caramel color. It makes my celiac daughter sick. We figured it out when she had gluten free lunch meat.

  27. I’ve used it it’s good

  28. I find it sad that people say no because it does not say, “gluten free” on the jar. Do you know how many things list gluten free and they are actually not safe?

  29. That says yeast is that ok

  30. I have used it with no problem.

  31. The chicken is gluten free…the beef is not

  32. I use this all the time and love it! The LOW SODIUM in NOT gf. Here’s the official answer from the company:


  33. Caramel color can contain gluten as well

  34. I have used the chicken on and no issues

  35. Oh I just saw the beef one has “milk” in it
    No wonder I haven’t used this one

  36. I love it and use it all the time!

  37. I’m super sensitive and use it all the time.

  38. I can’t use that anyway, I’m lactose intolerant.

  39. Try the organic, check out the ingredients here – no dairy listed (this is for chicken they have the other varieties at their website). They have the veggie, chicken and beef kinds at my local Costco.

  40. looks ok to me

  41. I scanned the chicken one and it said it may contain gluten?!

  42. Carmel color?!!

  43. Whey and yeast extract?

  44. I perfer herbox w a lil sea salt added to whatever im cooking

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