Anyone have hair loss with celiacs?


Anyone have hair loss with celiacs? Have you found any effective treatments?

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  1. Yes. Was told by my internist and dietician mine will grow back but dang I have some major bare spots.

  2. Had cortisone shots on my scalp and after a couple of years I got Monat hair system for men’s hair loss. ..helped

  3. I just asked the same question! I have noticed gradual hair loss/thinning over the past 3 years (right now it’s at its worse.) I was just diagnosed last week. Hoping gluten allergy is the cause.

  4. There’s Rogaine for women over the counter.

  5. Have you been tested for hormonal reasons?

  6. Check with your dermatologist, I did , and it was s different issue than just gluten .

  7. These all sound like lupus symptoms.

  8. Biotin, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner!

  9. I’m going through it right now.. I went to the doctors last week and got re checked on everything. All my levels are fine and now I have to see a dietician.. can easily be caused from stress because of celiac as well. I’m on biotin tablets, I was using silica and now I’m constantly using LUSH hair treatments and their shampoos.. seems to help. Unfortunately I also had to get the chop because my hair was breaking. For someone who was all about having long hair this sucked so much!!!


  10. Yes I think it was due to my low ferritin

  11. I would say cause is either hormone/thyroid. They all play a part either way. Doctors just order labs which does not really tell you anything unless it is way off. On my own I purchased an at home kit to test for anything and everything. Then they mailed me results which explained all the results and I was able to take it to my doctor. It’s more detailed then just a blood draw.

  12. Likely your b12 vit d and thyroid function maybe out get bloods tested

  13. Get your bloods checked, also try gluten free hair products

  14. Keranique..use whole system..laser lite treatment, but $$$..biotin tablets 4 hair, skin, nails, but must have 4,000mcg…dr less ma s I’d gluten free..sold on hsn

  15. I mean dr lessman..Google hsn 2 see when he’s on

  16. I loose my hair not all the time but it happened. Stress would do that too. These are amazing products. I used the shampoo 1 to twice a week. I used to have the thinner hair in the house. Not anymore.


  17. I have been using that product for over 10 years. I recommend to a friend who was loosing her hair and she was impressed that some are growing Back!

  18. I started losing hair about 15 years ago- well before my celiac diagnosis although I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s- I was told I had alopecia. Anyway, I went to a dermatologist and he gave me several injections of something directly into my scalp and it worked! I have no idea what it was and I think I went to him 3 separate times for the injections. It wasn’t as awful as it sounds and it was such a relief to stop losing my hair!

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