Anyone have Hashimoto’s Disease since childhood?


Anyone have Hashimoto’s Disease since childhood?

It runs in my family and have had hypothyroidism and a goiter since I can remember. Have been on medication since then. Because of this I feel as though I more than likely push symptoms aside as normal for whatever is going on in my life. So I don’t really know what it’s like to feel “normal” I suppose.

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  1. I was a healthy child until I had German Measles. After that, not so much

  2. I have a goiter too, isn't it such a gross word? Lol I do all of that too

  3. Yes. I was diagnosed at 12 but had symptoms way before.
    Idk what normal is

  4. Born with hyper- graves…switches to hypo-hashi when major body changes. Y miscarriages. On meds since before age 2. Hysterectomy due to rotting uterus from premenopause at age 41. Just 3 weeks ago a rotting gallbladder took them 3 1/2 hours to remove of 4 surgeries in a 9 day spam and 3 throat procedures. Still recovering. Lucky no goiter ever though

  5. My daughter is 7..

  6. I have had hasis since I was 10 (28 years ago) and feel the same way. Anything off with my body I just blame it on that.

  7. I was diagnosed when I was 8. I'm 54 now.

  8. Was first hyper with graves at the age of 17 my mom made the decision for me to undergo RAI and become hypo hashis. I've been dealing with it my whole life and I'll be 27 in July

  9. My wondering is whenever I go to the doctors and she asks me how I’m feeling. I always say fine because I feel that with 4 kids, lack of sleep the craziness of 4 boys and my exhausting ocd I have to have everything tidy and organized. I should be feeling mentally and physically fatigued moody, and what not. But After reading other people’s symptoms, am I not aware of more symptoms??
    I tend to brush things off. I’m not a “rush to the doctors” person. ( for example I’ve had an umbilical hernia for 3 years and didn’t realize it was one until pregnant with my 4th, just thought my belly button was never going back after my third pregnancy)

    anyone experience symptoms even though they have been steadily on medications and consistently monitored.
    Thanks for all your comments. I don’t know anyone else with this disease and because I’ve had it all my life, I’ve never really researched it or questioned it. It’s always been there and I’ve just taken my pill every day for the last 30 years.

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