Anyone have headaches with boron?


Anyone have headaches with boron? Took a sip of a single drop in water- two days- two sips- two headaches. I have major calcification and fluoride issues in my lacrimal glands and (I suspect) brain which is covered in “mysterious” lesions (thanks for nuttin’ fancy neurologist!). Maybe the stuff coming out doesn’t feel so good? My eyes are also slightly bloodshot but also look better/less swollen(?!?). Thanks in advance

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  1. I've been having unexplained headaches, but had not suspected the boron. Will eliminate and see if it helps.

  2. Possibly because boron detoxes calcium.

  3. I am probably not the poster child for taking boron regularly . I mostly use it if I'm over worked and sore. I did notice a headache for a wile but it has gone and I can take 50 mg a day without a headache . + my joints feel better.

  4. I have had a headache daily and my right eye is bloodshot.

  5. Headaches are a detox symptom. Maybe try a drop in a gallon of water?

  6. I had headaches as a detox symptoms too after I started 1tsp daily of borax solution. Took a couple days break and started again with 1/4 tsp for several days, building up over a couple weeks to 1tsp daily. A couple months later I now take 2tsp daily with no headaches.

  7. Check your b12 and your heavy metals for the lesions.

  8. Do you have mold or are you living in mold? Boron kills fungus. Sounds like die-off.

  9. Yes, for a year (depends on person really), after that no, boron makes calcium "fluffy" in blood vessels, so it can go out where it does not belong. Lower the doses, easier to bear. It it is over, boron makes body and mind energetic 🙂

  10. Whoa, might feel bad the day of, but feel WAY BETTER the day after. I think I must be majorly deficient

  11. Christina Casa Usiak What is your RBC Magnesium level? Boron is a cofactor for absorbing magnesium, you may be mag deficient and this is whats causing your issues with boron?

  12. Thats a very good question but I don't know. I am following the protocol other than the taurine and iodine.

  13. I've been eating 6-9 prunes a day and haven't noticed anything. Should I?

  14. I used to get headaches when I didn't make sure I implemented the exact proportions of adrenal cocktail…

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