Anyone have info on types of mag and dosage?


Hi! Thanks so much for adding me! I was looking for info on magnesium. I just had ablation surgery 4 months ago for afib and just recently been having alittle heart palps. (Had EKG and was in NSR but had irregular heartbeat). I’m not on any meds except 1/2 cardizem when heart gets irregular. Was told about magnesium for heart palps and was going to buy it. I asked my dr and he said I don’t need it. But with everything I’ve read about it I would rather take the mag instead of a pill if it works. Does anyone have info on types of mag and dosage? I appreciate your help.

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  1. You might have to watch your potassium, sodium and calcium. Doc might want you on meds versus the natural supplements.

  2. I had a cardiac ablation for afib in 2009. Did well for a number of years and then began having afib episodes again. Didn't want to take perscription meds again due to their side effects. Discovered magnesium & has been a Godsend. Take taurate in morn and Jigsaw slow release at night. If begin palps I take additional mag. Hope that helps.

  3. My cardiologist – when I told him I was taking it and it was working – said oh yes I recommend that to some of my patients. Hmmm….

  4. Check out YouTube York cardiology. I use Malate but will add Glycinate as needed. I'm going off Cardizem. It works.

  5. Welcome Debbie! You are in the right group. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you where you can find information in this group. It's on the main page under pinned post or info depending on what type of electronic device you are using. Here are 3 files to read to get you started-Beginner's Guide, How to restore magnesium in 3 steps and Work with us. If there are charts that you find useful you can copy them to your device. We are all here to learn and each of us are made differently. So you may have to try different products to find the one that works for you. Start slow -one product at a time and low dosage. Then increase to what your dosage should be. Wait a few days and see how your body does. If you have questions please ask. Morley Robbins, owner of this page has many videos and books. You can also sign up for newsletter. Wishing you great health.

  6. its not just that it works, its a danged cure. half the time heart issues are mineral issues. I would track your dietary magnesium intake, and cofactors as well to determine daily dose needs.

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