Anyone have IVF in here?


Anyone have IVF in here? What was your protocol if you don’t mind me asking. I just found out Friday our cycle failed and I am devastated. Trying to move forward and see what worked for other Hashimoto’s girls

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  1. I did for my daughter! I went through tons of fertility treatments to have her and our first try failed as well. Please feel free to PM if you want to chat ️

  2. Yes we did IVF I'm happy to answer any questions.. although my hashimoto diagnosis came after our son was born…

  3. I've done IVF twice, once was a miscarriage after 6 weeks, the other time (last nov) I just didn't get pregnant. I'm on levothyroxine. I keep wondering if it's worth trying again or not since I have hashi's

  4. I've had 2 failed IVFs

  5. I’m also on my first procedure – implantation failed, so now I should try with one frozen embrio. But I didn’t go through, because I decided to be on AIP diet for 3 months before I try it again. I want to be as prepared as I can be, because these drugs can’t be good for me.. I want to do as little procedures as possible, because dissapointment at every failed attempt is just devestating. So now I am in a “preparing” phase, trying to lower my antibodies, eliminate candida (which is also reason for not getting pregnant), elevate my t3 and try to balance my hormones in the natural way (I had to take my progesteron every month, now I don’t anymore and some changes allready showed?). Wish you all the luck, I hope we all, who go through all of this, succeed

  6. I did. First time I got pregnant with fraternal twins, however I lost them at 18 weeks because I got an fluke infection in my uterus a few weeks after doing a CVS test. 2nd time we tried with frozen embryos which didn't take. 3rd time was a charm for me. I did IVF with PGD and the the quality of the embryos they implanted were low and I wasn't hopeful at all, but it was God's plan for me to get pregnant. This was 15 years after being diagnosed with Hashi's. IVF was 13 years ago but I do remember I had to do progesterone suppositories in the beginning. Sending prayers to you that it happens for you the next round, it's hard not to stress about it, but do your best not to. Xoxo

  7. I took notes during the entire process, I can try to find them to look and see what meds i was given. The first round I was hyperstimulated and they retrieved 27 eggs from me, that was awful. Second time I think they retrieved about 8 or 9 and all were low quality.

  8. I have had 2 failed IVF cycles. Went to donor eggs and had 2 failed FET's. We have 4 frozen, but not sure if we want to go through it again.

  9. I did but hadn't been diagnosed was classed as unexplained, but now makes sense. I had 3 failed iui and ivf worked first time but had reflexology before and during treatment x

  10. I've heard success story's from women who changed their diet cutting out inflammatory foods and they believe this allowed them to get pregnant, maybe worth a try?

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