Anyone have problems with Cheerios?


Cheerios. Supposed to be gluten free. I feel like I was glutened today after I ate a bowl. Super bad gas, stomach pain. It’s been rough today. It passed after about 4 or 5 hours. Anyone have problems with Cheerios?

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  1. This is discussed daily, Cheerios are not safe for celiac’s

  2. Ok I have a question that may seem stupid. I’ve seen many times people have problems with Cheerios and others say they are fine with them. If you’re Celiac and they’re unsafe but you “feel fine” with them aren’t they STILL causing damage? I’m only one day from official diagnoses so please excuse my stupidity.

  3. I question this as well. I haven’t tried them since diagnosis. But they say gluten free on the single serving packages at the school I work at and a student eats them regularly. Is it the oats or do they have gluten???

  4. They have taken the gf symbol off here.

  5. according to FARE they are now certified gluten free as of late 2016….

  6. Damn you Cheerios!!

  7. When they first came out a few years ago I got sick. Called to complain. They mailed me coupons for more 😫 \nI do still let my kids eat them, but still. Coupons for more of the thing that made me sick. Ugh.

  8. Nope, eating them right now. But everyone is different and you have to know what works for you

  9. they are not gluten free.

  10. I ate them dry today during my lunch break at 9am. By 10 or 1030 it felt like my insides were going to burst. Dizziness, headache, gas in my upper center chest that felt like I was having a heart attack, smelly gas and frequent bathroom trips. It did not go well, even though the box says its Celiac Disease Foundation Certified?

  11. So confusing… why would the fda allow a label like that when it can hurt people?

  12. They r gluten free

  13. The oats are separated from other grains with an optic sorter and multi- batch tested. Meaning if a bad batch was mixed in with other batches, the bad batch can “hide” and test negative. Many have reported problems with this cereal. It was never a favorite cereal pre-Celiac. I have never eaten them.

  14. ?? ***sigh*** I know there’s a lot of other gf options to choose from. That’s one more food I can’t eat anymore though. I feel so left out at times…

  15. Knowing they are not gf why are you guys taking a risk? You mean thats the only cereal you can it? I don’t get it. You’re doing damage and you think you’re fine. I give up

  16. They aren’t safe.

  17. Not at all. Maybe the milk?


  19. They are not celiacs safe

  20. Not Celiac safe and as of Jan 1st they will no longer be able to carry Gluten Free label in Canada. Cheerios are BAD for Celiacs!!!!

  21. Yes. Thought they were OK but, alas, not.

  22. Im steering clear of cheerios….too many people say they are sick…

  23. Uh oh. You said the magic word!!! ???? Mentioning Cheerios in gluten groups is like opening Pandoras box.

  24. They make me very sick… stay away

  25. They are not Celiac safe I’m afraid stay away!! Even if you have no reaction doesn’t mean it’s not doing internal damage!!!

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