Anyone here follow the writings of Ray Peat?


Anyone here follow the writings of Ray Peat? Peat believes that we need to consume lots of calcium from food in order to experience optimal metabolic health. Calcium consumption must exceed phosphorus. Dairy products are recommended for their protein and calcium content. I have discussed this matter with folks on the PEAT FB page…many say they have been getting 3000-6000 mgs of calcium per day for many years without any ill effects. Lots of the foods recommended here are low in calcium and high in phosphorus. Cacao nibs and dark chocolate has tons of copper, manganese, phosphorus and iron in addition to magnesium….should we really be eating lots of it? Peat’s diet did not work for me….but I never cranked up the calcium the way he recommends…
Curious if anyone has any thoughts or rebuttals…

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  1. Mike if you do monitor and make sure you get the right amino acids .. what source do you plan on using for calcium

  2. Teddie Miller, there doesn't seem to be much calcium in any whey protein concentrate I've seen.

  3. Daniel, Mine has 40% per serving and using for years, prior to what I found I was using a not so good brand. not sure what you are referring to.

  4. Eggshell calcium and kefir.

  5. Teddie Miller which brand? I've only seen 4%.

  6. Whey protein concentrate generally does have calcium, its isolate that doesnt I guess

  7. I love Ray Peat's articles but they are so difficult to comprehend :). I did not figure out his diet yet…

  8. Stepanka McQuade – There is no "diet". It's all about context of the individual's circumstances. There are some underlying concepts though, but nothing that says you -must- eat this or take that

  9. The key word in your discussion above is "believes

  10. Mike well there's a stern answer for you. 😉 I've done the HTMA and balance minerals. Everything in moderation and balance.

  11. Thanks Robert Thompson – but your entire argument rests on the premise that intracellular mineral levels can be determined with precision and that is far from the case. No test can perfectly decipher mineral status. HTMA is very dubious…shampoos or the tap water in your area can skew the results. Moreover there are lots of questions about how people excrete minerals in the hair….and whether what is coming out actually means anything. its all a big guessing game. I see lots of positive reports on the Peat Boards and I myself experienced some positive results. The quest for answers goes on….

  12. Mike Adams my source of information is that it happened to me when I was taking the recommended ratio of calcium- magnesium supplements. When I was overdosed on calcium it started forming around my organs because that's what it does.
    I know that what we are deficient in is magnesium. I just get calcium from my food.

  13. Mike was also saying to get calcium from your food.

  14. Applied kinesiology for me!

  15. If you're getting that much calcium from food sources alone, then you're getting an overall mineral-rich diet.

    Also remember that the people doing poorly on that diet won't stick with it.

  16. Geez, recommending dairy is a bit rich. Plenty of 'non dairy industry' funded studies out there strongly correlating to osteoporosis and early death. I got off dairy, way to many issues for me, and they disappeared straight away. I'm certainly not keen on putting 60 odd hormones and mineral ratios into me designed to grow a different species, including the wonderful IGF-1 cancer grower.

  17. But what about calcium from eggshells? I just don't think HTMA or any other specialty lab test can tell us with any degree of accuracy what is going on in the tissues….

  18. Calcium from foods will provide other minerals as well. Egg shells are mostly calcium but contain other minerals as well. Low amounts, but still there.

    Blood tests are recommend as well as an HTMA. I'm fighting my dr to get the "non routine" ones. HTMA when I get the money.

    (Posting to follow)

  19. my question…the chickens are feed ..feed..that has been that egg shell full of junk. that the feed had in it..

  20. Mike Adams, you are terribly uninformed about the reliability of HTMA. Your pontification does not even justify an answer. But, for those who may care to not be mislead by you, I will give you some input. HTMA is a completely reliable and reproducable test. The scientific evidence for that is quite extensive, i.e. micro-mass spectrophotometry. This type of scientific testing is used in every advanced chemistry lab in the world and is on the Marrs Rover, measuring the mineral content of the soil there. The test is CLIA certified to be accurate as are all laboratoriy tests today. Proper sampling is required and using a laboratory that presents the data in a way that can be understood and applied clinically remains a challenge. But, that does nothing to make the test inaccurate. To argue that variations caused by improper sampling are a valid reason not to trust or do the test is ignorance, at best. Perhaps, you should do your homework before you espouse such misinformation. I would suggest you contact Trace Elements Incorporated, get a copy of Dr. Watts book, read it, and ask the lab to send you information and further articles regarding the HTMA test reliability. Then examine any of the thousands of articles ragarding minerals in human physiology, the science of MRI and membrane electrical potential. I had a similar argument in my head, "belief"=RELIGION, before I began using the test in 2001. It was ignorance. When I did my homework and got experience with a reliable lab, my ignorance ended. I now have over 15 years experience with the test and its clinical application. I have no idea what your background is, but you need to get this information correct before you pontificate such misinformation. Please quit recommending Calcium to people without knowing for sure if they need it. You are harming them. I am aware there are web sites that espouse such misinformation as you are reciting. They are pure plagerism, their arguments are all the same and they are filled with misinformation and ignorance.

  21. Mr. Adams, There is simply too much information to list it all on this site. If you complete the above work and reading and still need help, please contact me directlty for more references and/or teaching.

  22. Robert well said… Bring it on!!!!!! ️

  23. Believe me, I have heard it before. I appoligize for the delay in answering your remarks. I have been traveling and watching my son play in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Sadly, that is now over for him, for this year. #44 Nate Thompson with the Anaheim Ducks. They had a record setting year, setting and matching numerous all time NHL bests. Now, I route for his former team and friends, the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup.

  24. Robert- I certainly hope you are correct and am consulting with Morely and I think I am using the Trace Elements lab test. I did not mean to demean hair analysis or to recommend that anyone begin consuming calcium. I just have read a number of articles questioning the validity of hair testing and writing it off as yet more alternative medicine snake oil. As I have been burned before on numerous expensive specialty lab tests promoted by the alternative medicine community, I have become very suspicious. But Mr. Robbins genuine and straightforward manner along with his fascinated and informative online material has convinced me to pursue this. If it proves valid, I promise to be the first to sing its praises. As always, thanks for your informative and detailed input!!

  25. Mike…. You spoke in an authoritarian style.

    You must consider that there are many vulnerable people on these groups and posting as you did was not appropriate.

    A more questioning and less confrontational post would have been more appropriate.

    I value what I learn here

  26. Mandy–"authoritarian style" really?? I can promise you I am not an "authority" on anything and am merely prone to questioning ideas that are presented as gospel truth when so much is unknown and the human body is infinitely complicated. But I have noticed that these facebook boards are prone to group think and dissent or questioning is frequently not well tolerated. I admit to some frustration with that line of thinking because I have spent thousands following various protocols that were supposedly definitive and fool proof only to get nowhere. That said the principles presented here make a lot of sense and there seems to be little downside or cost to supplementing magnesium. I appreciated Mr. Thompsons response. I am hoping that HTMA may finally provide some answers.

  27. 'Group think'…. I have studied health for 30 years Mike Adams..
    I'm learning each day. I make my own mind up.

    Sorry to hear you have wasted time and money but I feel you were confrontational towards Robert Thompson.

    You should stay here and learn much

  28. Mike, I appreciate your desire to get it right. That is hugely important. I was attacked over this question by a group of physians at a hospital where I used to work. Thier level of ignorance was similar to where you are at. They chose to "believe" (religion) unscientific claims on 9 different web sites that expoused the same misinformation. They chose a Blue-Cross review of the subject that was specifically done to avoid paying for the test and a military review article that was completely unscientific and misleading, also really about paying. They left out the Cal Med Association article that was proven to uphold the reliability of the HTMA test when proper statistical analysis was applied by Dr Watts, and this was even after improper sampling and unqualified and uncertified labs were used to do the tests. So shameful that these physicians authors were not prosecuted for their dishonesty/fraud. As you may know, quack (known for attacking HTMA for years) has been seriously reduced to a garbage allopathic fraudulant opinion site completely misrepresenting and touting old and misleading unscientific information, and this site has been the source for most of those uninformed who chose to misrepresent HTMA as unreliable, paroting the information from this site with the same stupid arguments such as poor slampling, hair products and the like. This has nothing to do with the reliability of the test or the science. I also have personal disertations from Dr. Watts about the subject. Morley doesn't use some of the information from the Lab, but he gets it. He will help you. You cannot go wrong with HTMA. This is the most important health test you will ever do. It should be the basis for all health, nutrition, and medical recommendations without exception. Any such recomendation made without this information is potentially seriously flawed. Remember the three greatest health lies, in my lecture, 1. Get your calcium, 2. Watch your sodium, 3. don't eat eggs. It is really amazing that anyone would not want to know for sure what they need and what they should avoid. It will take about 20 years for physicians to get it, and this will be seriously delayed by insurance company resistance to paying for HTMA for whatever lame excuse they can find. Blessings

  29. I have no idea where that came from. I did not put there and do not recommend it.

  30. Robert Thompson – try editing the post above and see if you can find the link and delete it. Only you can do that.

  31. Unless you are being treated for hypocalcemia, from my experience and surgery for, that is too much maybe dangerously so, of Cal. All minerals, D, and K2s go to calcium health. I shiver to think the damage that amount of pressure and damage being exerted in the a Parathyroid Glands. I'd urge anyone to do the science and fact reading on Cal.

  32. Robert Thompson – Thanks so much. you seem very knowledgeable in this area. Do you consult? I suffer with obsessive thoughts and anxious depression that seems to only respond to T3 hormone…for the brief periods of the day when the hormone is in effect the thoughts dissipate but come roaring back as it wears off. I suspect this is caused by mineral deficiency or imbalance –or gut dysbiosis. I was on antibiotics in high school and college for nearly 5 years on and off….have recently read that strep bacteria can proliferate in such cases and cause obsessive thinking…so chasing that. If I come off as confrontational as Mandy says…it may be because my hormone levels are running low again. I really appreciate the thoughts of all the bright folks that post here.

  33. so mike adams, what would you do if you had Lymes and HAD to be on antibiotics?

  34. Nancy—I am totally lost….not sure what is wrong with me or how to fix it. Taking more thyroid gives me diarrhea….less…deep depression….it could be Lyme is destabilizing me….I just don't know

  35. Mike Adams…minerals balance and regulate hormones. Perhaps you may benefit from a mineral consult with Morley Robbins

  36. Mike Adams – yes Dr. Robert Thompson consults. Just go to his FB page and click on the link to his office.

  37. It was a site that came up with the words in the text. Sorry, I was able to make it go away. Thanks

  38. I love sweet thoughtful people. There are some gems on this site. Thank you all. Blessings Mandy, MJ, Kim, etc.

  39. Mike Adams can I pm you?

  40. sure dawn snuffer

  41. I pm-ed you Mike Adams

  42. I believe the link that came up in Dr. Thompson's earlier post was due to the space between quack and watch. The site he intended to reference (and which he is completely RIGHT about) is The founder of that site is, or was (if I remember correctly) a psychiatrist who dismisses nearly EVERY alternative method/diagnosis/treatment as quackery. This includes not only testing, but diet and supplements as well. And this is especially true as it relates to any natural and alternative therapies as they relate to mental disorders (hmmmmm….). Check out, for example, their overview of "Questionable Organizations" (which includes the American College for the Advancement of Medicine).

  43. And thank you once again, Dr. Thompson. I saw that the Ducks went down in game 7, and I'm disappointed for your sake and Nate's. But maybe some sweetness will go along with the bitter pill if Tampa wins. And for me that's a no-brainer: GO LIGHTNING! 🙂

  44. Me too. Lots of close friends on Tampa's team. I hope the Ducks get a new coach. Bruce has significant memory issues, in my observation, and poorly controlled Diabetes. He is is on statin Drugs known to reduce mem in over 70%. He is a brilliant coach, but failing medically. He is the winningest coach of all time, but they had the tallent this year to win it all. Jonathan Toews told Nate he was one of the hardest players he had ever had to play against. Nate just plays every aspect of the game well, including defense and faceoffs.

  45. And Nate wasn't able to convince his coach to consult with you, Dr. Thompson? Might have made a difference, given enough time… 🙂

  46. I tried when I first met him. I talked to the trainers, etc., gave him my book, but to no avail so it seems. Nate doesn't get involved in that stuff.

  47. Many people are good at resisting (or denying) the truth…sadly, often until it's too late. All you can do is share it.

  48. We just can't help everyone.

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