Anyone know of any french loaf that is gluten free?


Anyone know of any french loaf that is gluten free?
My bread machine broke.

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  1. the million dollar question

  2. Schar makes one that’s pretty good but it’s small and like 10$

  3. Udi’s makes a baguette that is quite good.

  4. Aldis supermarket carries a nice variety of fantastic gluten free bread.
    Also Drug Emporium is another place that carries great bread and also French
    If you don’t have one in your area look it up and maybe you can find the brand names that they carry

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  5. I think my Aldi’s is skimpy on the GF items… 🙁

  6. If you can find schar brand

  7. Thank you

  8. Udi”s french loaf is tasty

  9. Udi’s for sure! Yum!

  10. Against the Grain makes a nice baguette – they come two to a package and are about a foot long each.

  11. Best baguette is definitely Against The Grain.

  12. Against the Grain makes a pretty good one. So does Udi’s. Both are in the freezer section

  13. Udi’s makes one. It’s in the freezer section usually.

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