Anyone know what a high RBC and low MCV means?


Anyone know what a high RBC and low MCV means? It keeps showing up on my blood-work (has for years) and the VA says it’s normal even tho their lab keeps flagging it. All of the other parts of the CBC panel are within normal limits.

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  1. Rbc red blood cells and think the other is measure of blood volume

  2. Elevated rbc can just mean inflammation which would make sense with celiac I guess.

  3. Mine is always like that. I think it is for iron deficiency

  4. You use the VA? So do I. They have not done any bloodwork or anything concerning this. Do you see a primary care physician or do you see a specialist?

  5. I think it depends on how far off the charts your numbers are. My numbers get flagged even if they’re a tiny bit above or below normal. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re disordered. If your doctor isn’t worried about it and you haven’t had any problems because of it, I’d say don’t worry about it. My mother works in a hospital laboratory. I could ask her for you, but she’d want to see your actual numbers.

  6. The MCV means Mean Cell Volume. It indicates the size of your RBC’s. If it is low can be indicative of anemia but in your case since your RBC is high it indicates that your bone marrow is making alot of RBC but they are smaller than normal.

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