Anyone suffer with hives with their hashimoto’s?


I’ve woken up with chronic hives again. Last time they lasted 7 months. Anyone else suffer with hives with their hashimoto’s?

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  1. Have done on and off for 35 years.

  2. Me very much i figure out what caused it & i avoid it !!!!

  3. Can you recommend how you treat them?

  4. I don`t treat them only some times when the itching is bad i will take benadryl going to bed ,but you know they say gluten causes that !

  5. Claritin works pretty well with cortisone cream as needed. But it still comes and goes even now that I’m gluten free (adherence 100% since celiac diagnosis 10/16) hope u get some relief. My dr doesn’t like benedryl because of some think it contributes to dementia.

  6. I switch Zyrtec Benadryl Claritin every so often, nasal sprays..Allergic to dairy, pork and beef. Watch my diet/food intake. Sometimes it’s just part of this disease. Lisa Wilkinson interesting on the Benadryl

  7. I have since 18 years old and now 44.

  8. but gone after starting ndt

  9. I take zyrtec nightly to control it. The hives comes back in full force if I skip more than 2 days in a row. I take zyrtec at night and the synthroid in the morning.

  10. is it itching too?

  11. Mine were TERRIBLE!? They have been better since I have took a food sensitivity test. Once I found out what I was sensitive to and have stayed away from the worst things I have been better. This has only been for the last two or three weeks though.

  12. Yes very itchy. I’m taking antihistamine and some oral steroids for a couple of days.

  13. Try treating the root cause. You need to start healing your gut. A good probiotic will help immensely. The antihistamines and steroids will just continue to harm your gut.

  14. Try guten free for a few weeks or months.

  15. Wow. Never have. Didn’t know it was a problem with hashi

  16. had them for about a month ago.. they went away..I think from either stress or a new supplement .

  17. I have hives most days. I’m now on a maint dose of prednisone and daily Claritin or Zyrtec. After 3 months I’m finally getting some relief. 4 days with no hives or itching.

  18. Just started having hives about two months ago. The worst! Would wake up in the middle of the night with my palms of my hands itching really bad. I put myself on Zyrtec and that has helped with the itching but still gets red circles from time to time on my arms and legs. Strange thing is that when this happens they will be on the other side of my body in the same area.

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