Anyone take birth control with Hashi?


Anyone take birth control with Hashi? If so what kind do you use? Or what is your input on using birth control with Hashi?

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  1. I’ve been on BC pills for hormone replacement since I was 13, I’m 42 now.

  2. I’ve had two IUDs, mirena and the copper or Paragard… Both were awful and caused major issues, with the least being anxiety and depression

  3. I have taken Lo Orval for 25 years…. No issues.

  4. I take Jolessa, it’s a 90 pill pack so only 4 periods a year.

  5. Bc free for over a year! 🙌

  6. I started birth control because my periods were a walk through hell. However, I didn’t start having symptoms until after I started birth control. I’m not saying it’s related, but it’s got me a little curious.

  7. Been on depo, five different pills, the implant. I love that I live in a world that can take away all of the inconvenience of being a woman. I get the pill through the mail now. I love living in the future.

  8. I was take bc pills since I was 18. I stopped a year ago and haven’t had a migraine since, my melasma cleared up and I feel much better overall!

  9. Nexolanon arm implant. Love it.

  10. I use the paragaurd iud. No hormones 🙂

  11. My doctor took me off my birth control! Said my hormones were was out of wack!

  12. I use Depo. Due to Breast Feeding it’s the only thing I really can use…

  13. paragard iud for 8 years.

  14. I take erin, it is a low dose one hormone pill and i do ok with it

  15. My Dr recommended mirena to help with the multiple periods I was getting each month. I’m month 3 so fingers crossed….. No side effects so far.\nI should add- my husband had a vasectomy so I am on this strictly for the hormones.

  16. I’ve tried them all except Mirena (I can’t have it due to the shape of my cervix/uterus) and felt terrible on them all. Plus they didn’t regulate me but made me more irregular. So my husband took one for the team and got a vasectomy. I’m off all hormones now and despite painful cramps my periods are regular.

  17. I was on the pill, Microgestin, for quite a few years. My husband got a vasectomy about a year and a half ago and I feel so much better since getting off the pill.

  18. I’m on a progesterone only pill and I’m great on it

  19. I see a psychiatrist for my hashimotos. His job really focuses on hormones and he’s 10000x smarter than the last 7 endocrinologists I’ve met. He tells me to stay off of it! Use condoms, get a vasectomy/ tubes tied or just be abstinent lol but birth control only worsens our issues

  20. Just be celebate. The pill wrecks the hormones in your body and it could result in POCS or infertility for when your ready. If you don’t plan on kids, go for it.

  21. Mirena for couple years now.

  22. I take jolessa with no break and have no periods, no horrible cramps, no nausea. It’s wonderful

  23. 1) Took a three phase combination BC pill (similar to Ortho Tri Cyclen) in my 20s and 30s and felt my best on that. Regular periods, no weight gain, did not affect thyroid levels, no difficulty at all becoming pregnant when I went off it. 2) After I got too old to take the pill I switched to the Mirena IUD and did not care for that one. PMS symptoms all the time.

  24. I tried. Really messed me up physically and emotionally.

  25. I use Nuva Ring I love it. Its the only one out of four that didn’t make me sick as a dog.

  26. I was on the pill off and on for a few years for cramps. It worked well, I felt like. Then suddenly this past year, I believe the pill itself was causing me a lot of nausea. I stopped taking it and immediately felt relief. Now I use Nuvaring and haven’t had any nausea that seemed linked. I have nausea still occasionally but for different reasons, and it’s not daily and as awful.

  27. I do because if I don’t my endometriosis and pcos run wild

  28. I’m on cerazette progesterone only tablets. Had the implant 3 years ago. Not had any problems with them. I don’t get periods with the pill

  29. I have the MTHFR mutation so I have to take the mini pill.

  30. Paragard. Non hormonal IUD

  31. Mirena IUD. I need the small amount of hormones because I also have PCOS. Only complaint I have is cramps around “that time” but it completely took my period away. Havent had one since January. Doc says it happens to most and let me tell you, it’s glorious not to deal with 3 month long periods anymore!

  32. The Depo shot caused my mother to have strokes so I have never tried it and never will. I use NuvaRing and have for 13 years with no problems. I love it. It also helps with my PCOS and did not cause my PCOS as someone was saying up above. I had hashi’s and PCOS before I ever used any birth control.

  33. I take Low- Ostergal. I take the oral BC for my BRCA-2.

  34. I take Zenchent birth control pill

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