Anyone use dr teals eucalyptus epson soaks?


anyone use dr teals eucalyptus epson soaks? just bought some at the store

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  1. Love Dr Teal's very nice..will try this next time 🙂 thanks!

  2. I found their scented salts to stink! Actually, I returned the lavender!Much better to use plain salts and pure lavender or eucalyptus, etc.

  3. I use it and LOVE it 🙂

  4. Yep great product but my twins like to drink it while in the bath! Not good lol

  5. They don't use pure oils. They use "chemical parfumes". Toxic and dangerous. You don't want to he soaking it in through your skin. Buy plain salts and add your own oils. Oils such as eucalyptus are not considered safe for children.

  6. I use them and love them.

  7. These are perfumed Epsom salt. I'd personally steer clear. Buying plain salts and adding your own eo eucalyptus or lavender would be an excellent idea.

  8. I have a question do you add the "essential oils " to the salts for bathing? Or Is there something else

  9. I remember some discussion about using Safe Step ice melt 8300. I bought Safe Step 6300. It has sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium chloride in it. Can it be used in the bath?

  10. Essential oils can aid in general detoxification. They are very relaxing and great for several other things….depending if you're targeting something specific. That is why I use them.

  11. I read the label a few weeks ago and was very uncomfortable with what it said in the ingredients. If your goal is not to add chemicals to your system, I would reconsider!

  12. Thank you we love the addition of the aroma too

  13. Essential oils need to be added to the salts or it will just float on top of the water and not soak in 🙂

  14. Oh so are you saying you add drops and shake it in dry then pour into the bath?

  15. I also add coconut oil to my bath and put the essential oils right in that to disburse in the water. Just wouldn't feel complete without that! Otherwise, yes just sprinkle the essential oils right into the Epsom salt, which will sort of soak it up.

  16. Geez been doing it wrong all long! I'm learning so much Thank you!

  17. I stick with plain Epsom salt. I don't think it's a good idea to add essential oils to a bath.

  18. I only add about 1 tbsp to the water.

  19. No
    But i bought the spray for my room . I use that and lavender. I use lavender Epsom salts though.

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